Aviator Memorial Update

Over the weekend we raised over $1000 towards this memorial at NAS Lemoore (about which I posted a couple of days ago).

So now we need to think about a logo and some words to place on Lex’s “brick” at the Memorial.

Over on Facebook, I have proposed the following –

Working 2

I based this logo on something I read at Lex’s place, namely this…

Finally there is the logo of “the Mighty Shrikes” of VFA-94, home based in Lemoore, California. I was the executive officer, and ultimately the commanding officer of this squadron. While I was commanding officer, we won the wing-wide strike fighter derby – I was immensely proud of my boys, and would have matched them against any squadron in the fleet, man to man. A blue collar bunch of get-it-done pilots that partied like rock stars in foreign ports. I had always considered myself no slouch in that category. Here I realized that not only was I no longer young, I was starting to get actually old. In an admin (where the 18 or so pilots share a hotel suite in foreign ports, sleeping where they can after the night’s amusements) in Hobart, Australia, I returned from a night of liberty in all the usually suspect places at 0400, thoroughly exhausted. over-served and jaded to discover I was the first one home. At 4 AM. What a non-hack.

I get the feeling Lex was pretty proud of those guys.

What say you?



Working 3 (Final)I’ve tweaked the design a bit. Please note that at the bottom, in italics, I’ve made the word “Friend” bigger. To symbolize that this was donated by his friends. (That would be us.) The ellipsis at the very end is to signify eternity. What Lex was to his family, his shipmates and his friends will never die. We shall all meet again…

(And Snake Eater, it also says “Poet” on his marker at Fort Rosecrans.)


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6 responses to “Aviator Memorial Update

  1. Dave

    I say you’ve got a winner in my opinion!

  2. Snake Eater

    Sweet Jesus… miss that guys great writting…a gifted storyteller/raconteur…yes…a “poet” ?… Best

  3. I wish I could contribute. The proposal looks good to me. I think Lex would be appreciative.

    • Snake Eater

      QM…yes I saw that unforgiveable error after it was posted…
      …alas the Pedantic Pecker-Woods are aways with us…Best

  4. Snake Eater

    OAFS, Commendable effort great design…I just view poetry and prose as different arms of the same discipline. Best

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