Aviator Memorial at NAS Lemoore



The Facebook Lexicans have decided to pitch in on this effort making a donation in Lex’s name. Someone mentioned also posting here so that the non-Facebook Lexicans can participate as well. And so here we are…

So here’s what we know, NAS Lemoore is planning a memorial out there to honor Fallen Aviators. The WSO asked me if the Lexicans would be interested in donating in Lex’s name, I assured her that we would.

Everything seems set up and ready to go. The WSO (my daughter) has volunteered to be the Lexican point of contact. She’s going to collect any moneys gathered through the Lexicans. I’ll have more details in a subsequent post. But for now we’re looking at a large engraved brick with logo at the least (it seems we’ll hit a thousand from FB alone) engraved with something along the lines of  (as suggested over at FB):

CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon USN
Pilot. Poet. Husband. Father. Friend.

As for a logo I’m thinking perhaps a VFA-94 patch, the squadron Lex commanded. We’re still looking at that. Any other suggestions, chime in here or shoot me an e-mail (given below).

The WSO says she will have more details shortly, I’ll keep you all “posted”. (Heh…)

Here’s the Paypal information:

Email address is erika.salliotte@navy.mil and the name associated with the account is Erika Salliotte. (That’s the WSO, she’s also the POC for her squadron, VFA-2 at Lemoore.)

Like I said, more information will be forthcoming. You can also contact me at OldAFSarge@gmail.com if you need any more information.

From what I understand, the donations have already started to flow.

We are family. And it shows all the time.



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2 responses to “Aviator Memorial at NAS Lemoore

  1. CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon USN
    Pilot. Poet. Husband. Father. Friend.

    I’m thinkin’ Lex would prefer “Aviator” vice “pilot.” Just sayin’.

    • Old AF Sarge

      Now that you mention it, odd, but Lex’s marker actually says “Husband Father Poet Pilot”. Your comment Buck about saying “Aviator” made me go check my archives.


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