Cutaway Thursday: Lockheed S-3B Viking



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4 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Lockheed S-3B Viking

  1. Mav, lots of folks out there don’t know why the S-3 is called the War Hoover.
    Since you be the poster, the privilege is all yours…

    • When moving in and out of idle (about 64%) the engine makes sound reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner. Interestingly, the the TF-34 engines in the A-10 do not make the same sound (slightly different version).

  2. Steve

    Watched a lot of these circulate in and out of North Island NAS back in the eighties, always fun to see and listen to.

  3. The vacuum cleaner noise…shared a stateroom (6’x12′) with 2 others guys under the #1 cat. The whhoooooooo noise was astonishingly irritating.
    Years later in my career with the cargo world the vacuums in the hotel hallways started just about the time the deepest sleep hit after flying all night. Instant transport back to under the #1 cat. Just couldn’t put that sound to bed. Ever.

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