Marine Hat

The Marines are considering a new hat for all. Take a look. Click to embiggify.



Old hat on left, new style on right.

Squids, jarheads, grunts, zoomies, all of ya. Whattaya think?

I’m trying to remain neutral. It’s difficult.


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10 responses to “Marine Hat

  1. Steve

    To this civilian, the new one lacks a certain … gravitas.

    • Lacking in gravitas is an excellent way of stating the problem.
      I have the same perception. But then I look at this man, a 2 time Medal of Honor winner:

      He is wearing the same hat, although it is not white, and he absolutely defines gravitas while wearing the thing. Go figure…

    • Steve

      @Busbob: Yes, context is everything. It’s sort of the same way a race car can be forgiven for being ugly if it dominates its class.

    • Or how about that NFL player who liked knitting? I was trying to look it up and couldn’t find that guy but did learn that Rosie Greer of the LA Rams liked needlepoint.

      Whose gonna laugh at him? 😉

  2. Buck

    It’s the curse o’ modern times: asshats (ahem) tryin’ to fix stuff that ain’t broke.

  3. It looks….sissified. I always like the garrison cap – and was sorry when the Air Force & Army got rid of them

  4. I think it’s the rosy cheeks on the model . No steely eyed war-fighter there.

  5. oldskydog

    no effin way

  6. Mike Myers

    Well it could be a Foreign Legion kepi–or it could be a Pullman porter’s cap from the 1930’s. And the Bamster has already spent $8 million blocking off veterans from war memorials, so where is he going to get the money to buy these caps?

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