Is this enough Guinness for all of us?

I had to do this………………………………………………………………….

Among The Joshua Trees

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6 responses to “Is this enough Guinness for all of us?

  1. R

    Are you aware of the fleet of Guinness tankers? They were used to ship beer to England where I assume it was then kegged before being distributed.

  2. Enough for us all?
    I see my two beer limit. Don’t know about the rest of you though.

  3. It’s enough for all of YOU, I’ll pass. That stuff is the most over-rated brew in the history of man… the triumph of marketing.

    • Point to Buck!
      But I do like it.
      But then again I pride myself on being a unique individual. Just ask my coworkers!

    • Jeff Gauch

      Most overrated? How about Coors, Budweizer (American variant), or any other example of North American pi$$wasser?

      I prefer Murphy’s, but I won’t turn down a Guinness. Tap or Extra Stout though, Draght is cooking beer.

      The only good thing to come out of the Carter administration was the microbrew industry. Now the US can claim more good beer than anywhere else in the world.

  4. Hogday

    Its OK occasionally, as is Murphy’s. I’m a bitter man m’self. Best Guinness I ever had was in Belfast, 1972. The stuff they serve up over there, draft, is not like the stuff you get in a British pub or a can. Double X is very very good, triple X is gooder.

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