Blogging Centurion

No, not this one:


Or even this one:

Cylon_CenturionIn my mind it’s somewhat more analogous to this:


Centurion patch.

At least I’d like to think so.

100 traps aboard the boat is a career milestone in NAVAIR. Patches are handed out to commemorate every 100 landings. Given that traps (landings for you non-aviator-ish people) are the most demanding task in all of aviation this is by no means a small feat. It’s not unusual for pilots and crews to log hundreds and even 1,000 (I do recall seeing a 2,000 somewheres) traps over a career. Case in point. Maybe 1,00 isn’t so common anymore is post-cold war NAVAIR but still.


Here’s the trap from the jet.


Here’s the trap from the “not so” cheap seats…who wants to play PLAT LSO? 🙂

I’m getting to the point…

I noticed a few days ago that I reached the 100 post here. Since I missed my “blogo-versary” I’d figured I take this time to first thank xbradtc for handing me a set of keys (and now I’m posting there too!). I didn’t think I do THIS much blogging but still. My goal was to write about things I’ve always wanted to see posts on so…here I am.

My co-bloggers here are freaking awesome people with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and blogging talent. I’m blessed to be a part of this group.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the readers and commenter. Hell, I’m just a pilot dude with attitude (pun kinda,kinda not intended), a brain and a computer hoping to contribute something to the conversation. All of you readers and commenter keep me motivated to keep putting out content.

Another thing I’d like to mention. The commenters here have SO much expertise on things I just usually read about. That’s been the biggest reward for me is to talk to you all that have the proverbial “t-shirt to prove it.” I’m honored and humbled that you take the time to read and/or comment.

So here’s to all of you and the Blogfather of course:


…for strength.

and hopefully 100 more:

Patch, Enterprise Centurion 200

Thank you all again so much.t


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3 responses to “Blogging Centurion

  1. Bill Brandt

    Thank you themavf14d – I too am grateful for having been given some blogging keys here – this is really the only place I blog.

    My dilemma – how does one fill the shoes of the blogmaster? If I tried to imitate Lex’s style, it would be a very poor imitation. I came here after Lex’s accident and have had only his writing to know him.

    But from what I understand, he asked only for civil, thoughtful & articulate discussion with dissension – and debate – encouraged.

    I think he’d be happy with our little band here.

    I am enjoying reading everyone’s posts – a few days ago a friend in my car club – the pilot who started with Air America (actually he probably didn’t start there because to work for Air America you had to be pretty good to begin with – anyway he finished as a Delta 777 Captain – said something to me I thought worth repeating about the professional aviator, whether civilian or military.

    He said that you have to pay your dues.

    I have a lot of respect for the aviators on this blog who have paid their dues – going out in weather that a recreational pilot would just forget – because the flight has to be made.

    I hope in my posts I stay with Lex’s ideal – and if I stray someone slap me on the side of the head 😉

  2. Congrats on yer 100th post, Mav. I hope you triple that number in the coming months and/or years.

    BTW… what happened to those glorious high-res photos of the -102 and -106 that showed up in my reader but went missing on the blog?

    • themavf14d

      Thanks Buck.
      I took down the Delta Dart and Dagger post because I noticed the illustrations were in Russian 😦 Fail on my part.

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