Cutaway Thursday: Aero L-39 Albatros

In honor of our favorite Tomcat RIO.



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2 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Aero L-39 Albatros

  1. Love it! Fun jet to ride in. No stick time for the back seat guy on this hop – formation flight and holding was the order of the day. Great to strap back into an ejection seat, though! Thanks Jason 🙂

  2. Bill Brandt

    I read something about this a few months ago that astounded me.

    You can buy these for $200-$300K.

    Not millions as most warbirds.

    It;s like being able to go back in time and grab one of those Mustangs for $10,000.

    But you have a fuel consumption rate of – I think – 150 gallons per hour.

    (this was designed as a trainer and thus “economical” to run!)

    Wonder what an overhaul costs.

    But it sure is a sleek looking plane!

    They have become so popular that – anticipating an end to WW2 era warbird participation, the Reno Air Races has a jet class.

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