Dual 1,000th ‘Traps’ Achieved Aboard USS Nimitz

From the Navy Website. I am proud that one of these Aviators, Cmdr. Robert Loughran is the Commanding Officer of VFA-147, The Argonauts! I served in the Argonauts when they were VA-147 operating the venerable and dependable LTV A-7E Corsair II. The tradition remains. It is one of only three commands that I served in that still is in service……………………………………..

GULF OF OMAN (Aug. 28, 2013) -- Cmdr. Robert Loughran, commanding officer of the

1,000 traps is a big deal. Bank on it. Ask some of our Lexicans that are Aviators and NFOs about that.

Dual 1,000th ‘Traps’ Achieved Aboard USS Nimitz.

via Dual 1,000th ‘Traps’ Achieved Aboard USS Nimitz.


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6 responses to “Dual 1,000th ‘Traps’ Achieved Aboard USS Nimitz

  1. ejesegundo

    I was on that flight deck in 1984 when CAPT Eugene Conner (NIMITZ CO) and CDR Dan.Rainey (CAG, CVW-8) bagged Nimitz’s 100,000th trap. In an S-3, Everything changes but so much remains the same.

    • I was an instructor at the A-6 RAG at NAS Whidbey Island then.
      We do such a fine job of dating ourselves.

    • Was on the Connie for the 165,000th trap. Matter of fact, Joe and I made that trap. Was supposed to go to the skipper of VA-165, a great connection for that number. Skipper got a foul deck wave off, Joe and I were next. Had no clue of the significance attached to our landing. Got to have a big cake with the Captain of the Connie.
      Felt bad about the foul deck wave off. Everything was in place for the skipper, he was a good guy and it was appropriate that he should bag number 165,000. Things happen. 😎

  2. Sadly in this day and age, there won’t be many more of these… Not enough flight hours, and folks bailing early.

    • ejesegundo

      When I joined in 1980 everything was about to end also. Hope you’re wrong. Have to wait and see.

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