What’s wrong with this picture?

Connie landing

Need to liven it up a little here, by the time most of you read this it is Monday.

Bonus points for naming where this photo is taken. Believe it or not, yours truly nailed where it was at first glance but had to look long and hard to see the obvious wrongness. Duh.

(Monday update) Will post the answers on Wednesday.


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8 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. My bet is on Burbank and it’s short one ! Brings a new meaning to “it sounds like the engine is missing….”

  2. Byron

    Thought a Connie was a 4 engine aircraft…and I see two port, one starboard.

  3. dwas

    Palm Springs, CA

  4. Bill Brandt

    One crazy long elevator? (Byron & Marv got my other guess), (on second thought I am looking at the flaps hiding the elevator.

    As to where it is landing – the Twilight Zone? (Rod Serling at the tower)

  5. NavyDavy

    Nothing wrong. Three engine ferry back to home base.

  6. Bill Brandt

    As I was walking back from my restaurant (aided by 2 Negra Modelos) it occurred to me that this might be in Mojave where they do all kinds of weird experiments – the civilian version of Edwards just a few miles away.

  7. fliterman

    I’m with Marv and Byron – BUR and a Connie lacking an engine.
    But if a Connie, isn’t it lacking a 3rd vertical stabilizer too?

  8. Mike Myers

    Nope–I’m certain it’s Burbank. But the Connie is short an engine.

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