Australia 1986 – Sydney to Canberra


Images of Australia 1986


By this time the money was running low and I had thoughts of returning home. But there were a few more things to see. As I recall, it was a short distance – the web says 288 km. I know the bus ride was only a couple of hours…if that.

Canberra, of course, is Australia’s capital. I knew that as capitals go it was fairly new – like Brasilia in Brazil. In looking it up in Wikipedia it was established as a compromise between rivals Melbourne & Sydney.

Like our District of Columbia, it is in its own region – the Australian Capital Territory. Another similarity with Washington, it was totally planned – designed by a couple of Chicago architects.

Anyway, the one thing I really remember about Canberra was their war museum – wish I had taken more pictures here – this was a pre digital world – and this roadside attraction below on the way struck my funny bone…



Australia’s Supreme Court…



…The Spanish Embassy (hey, I was just wandering around!)


Australia’s War Museum – one of those places I could have wandered around for a day.


View from the front of the War Museum



The Kubelwagon was the VW Beetle gone to war…Many Australians served in North Africa




I remember this Lancaster to this day – the size is breathtaking. For some reason it seems far more imposing than a B17. Imagine flying this at night with flak and night fighters all around you.



These are the Blue Mountains near Canberra with “the 3 sisters”



…with that, the money was starting to run low but to use my QANTAS ticket pressed on to Fiji. My hotel accommodations in Nadi reflected my new financial status 😉

Next week.


On to Fiji


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4 responses to “Australia 1986 – Sydney to Canberra

  1. Jimmy J.

    Your travel writing is good, Bill. I have enjoyed all your offerings. I just visited Oz last year for the first (and probably only) time. Things have changed somewhat since you were there, but not radically. They march to a much slower drumbeat than we do. Not a bad thing, that.

    • Bill Brandt

      Jimmy – I compared it as sort of a hybrid between us and Britain. Of course my lens is 25 and 40 years, respectively.

      But the Australians – at least the ones outside Melbourne & Sydney, seem a lot more informal.

      It was really quite an opportunity I had, just going and having no set return date.

      These days I seem to hang around home more.

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