Morning Ride in The Desert

Among The Joshua Trees

I have been riding my bike for almost two months at least three times a week, since Doc was on the regular exercise thing along with a new Blood Pressure Medication. Today I decided to do the scenic route of sorts.

The ride was about 8 miles total out a ways on Randsburg-Mojave Road to the Desert Tortoise Area turnoff.  Good with some up and down terrain in it. BP after the ride, shower and building my lunch for work was 114/66. I take the meds when I get up so it has time to work.







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2 responses to “Morning Ride in The Desert

  1. Bill Brandt

    Amazing the extra things you see when you are riding a bike or walking, isn’t it?

    Last January I am power walking with a friend, laughing and trip on an elevated part of the sidewalk – fall, hit my jaw and knock out 2 teeth.

    All for my good health 😉

    Don’t do that.

    • I do have to watch for the occasional critter but that is it.
      I do enjoy taking my rides. The Desert is an awesome place to do the trail riding thing!

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