Cutaway Thursday: Northrop A-9A



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5 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Northrop A-9A

  1. This airplane lost out to the A-10 Warthog for the AF close air support aircraft.
    How about some discussion on why based on what this cutaway shows?

    • themavf14d

      I noticed the centerline installation of the GAU-8 (similar to the Hawg).

    • themavf14d

      Also the split aileron dive brakes are similar to the A-10.

    • Steve

      A few things I remember from reading about that competition:

      1) The A-10 has a lower IR signature for (at least) two reasons: From the perspective of a dude on the ground holding a shoulder-launched missile, the horizontal and vertical stabilizers sometimes hide the exhaust, and they also mix the hot air with cooler air.

      2) The mid-fuselage exhaust gas exit of the A-9 makes it easier for a heat-seeking missile to strike major structure. (The article I read noted that the Harrier had suffered in battle because of this, though it provided no specific examples. This was pre-Gulf War, so Falklands?)

      3) The A-10’s landing gear, when retracted, allows the wheels to poke out to support the aircraft during a gear-up landing.

      4) The A-10 has redundant vertical stabilizers and rudders.

  2. Look, out on the wings. Is that an aileron?
    Is that a spoiler?
    Is that a speed brake?
    Is that a dive brake?
    Nope. It is a “Deceleron.”
    And here all this time I thought Deceleron Smith was a slow running back at Whatsamatta U.

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