Hats off to Mark Fajardin, Sr., Director of Acquisitions at the Pacific Coast Air Museum, Santa Rosa, California.
This A-6 is Buno 155595 and Mark has done an outstanding job of restoring the jet.
Click to embiggify.
This is a War Horse, Mark got the guys at Lemoore (you know, those youngsters in the Hornet world) to donate some ordinance to hang on the wings.
This is the weapons load: 3 stations with six 500 pound bombs each (that’s eighteen 500 pounders) and 2 stations with one 2,000 pound bomb.


August 16 2013 009


August 16 2013 012

August 16 2013 016

Yours truly and a host of others have time in this particular jet. I saw this jet last summer and while it looked OK the bird poop was getting the upper hand.
It’s nice to see it looking soooo good!
August 18 2013 002

And of course, why is all this important? To remember what is past and to inspire future generations of Naval Aviators!
August 18 2013 008


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6 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. Bill Brandt

    When I first saw an A-6 I couldn’t see any beauty in it. But I now see how they were purpose built – one of the Iron Works best designs – as evidenced by the time they served.

    They even out lived the Phantom.

    And they are beautiful in their own way.

  2. themavf14d

    Great post. Always good to see that someone’s taking good care of the jet 🙂

  3. xbradtc

    What a great looking bird. I’m always glad to see an Intruder in good shape.

  4. A great post, and A beautiful bird.

  5. Comjam

    An A-to-E modified bird. A perusal of the logbooks shows bunches of time in close relatives 155597, an A-to-KA-6D mod (Firebird 520) and A-6A-to-A-6E 155585 (Firebird 504) Nice load out, and no “impossible” load out. (bomb mounted on forward, inboard MER stations next to forward main gear doors) Nice to see her looking pretty good.

    • Mark did his homework on the load. Paint job (numbers and stuff) to follow will put on VA-155 Desert Storm era markings.
      Checked the logbook and found first flight in 595 was a night bounce pattern in June of ’76. Quite surprised to see 2 full stops and 15 bounces in 1.2 hours. Musta been a tight pattern…

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