Soviet F-5 and A-37

Weeks ago I put up a post on Western aircraft in the USSR. I featured this image of the fuselage remains of a Northrop F-5:


Days ago Live Leak featured a video titled “Elite Soviet pilots filmed test flying a captured Northrop F-5E.” It’s a pretty interesting video featuring Soviet flight test and DACT evaluation of both the F-5 and A-37 Dragonfly.

Here’s the description of the video from the Live Leak page:

With the capture of the huge air base at Bien Hoa, the heroes of the North Vietnamese Armed forces were able to supply the Soviet, Chinese, & Polish air forces a number of US designs for evaluation. This F5 and two others were tested extensively at Chkalov State Flight Tests Centre, which is similar in operation to US Edwards AFB AFFTC, or the Tonopah Test Range.The F5 outperformed the MiG-21, and these results drove the development of the MiG-23.Pilots who were assigned to the F-5E, were Vladimir Kandaurov, Alexander Bezhevets and Nikolay Stogov.The F5 was of particular importance due to it’s export demand.

A pretty interesting video to say the least.


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3 responses to “Soviet F-5 and A-37

  1. Steve

    Cool video, thanks for the tip. My kingdom for a translation!

    Wonder how things would’ve turned out if the Russians had invested heavily in the transistor and in extracting more of their oil reserves.

    • themavf14d

      I had a very cute Ukrainian translator listen to the video for me. The description that’s shown by Liveleak pretty much covers it 🙂

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