Sixty Years Ago Today . . .

My Dad was on the ground in 50-51………………………………………………

Among The Joshua Trees

Sixty Years Ago Today . . .

. . . at 2200 hrs local time (approximately 0900 Eastern), major hostilities in Korea ended.  The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed at 1000 local on 27 July 1953.  It became effective twelve hours later.

The war had lasted 3 years, 1 month, and 3 days.  Negotiating the Armistice had taken slightly over two years.

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4 responses to “Sixty Years Ago Today . . .

  1. Bill Brandt

    I had been born and a week later my father, thinking that a knee injury in WW2 at Ft Benning would keep him out, got orders to report at Ft Lewis.

    He doesn’t talk about it much but mentioned seeing the Korean children rummaging though the garbage – a scene that haunts him to this day.

    That and the bodies.

  2. Buck

    My former father-in-law was an officer of Marines at the Chosin Reservoir. He never talked about the experience, other than mentioning he was there. He was a member of an organization called The Chosin Few and all the Michigan members of that org came to my FIL’s funeral… and THEY talked about it.

    Unimaginable. And to think that war is known as “The Forgotten War.”

  3. Bill Brandt

    My former neighbor was a character. Enlisted in the Marines at 16, saw Tarawa, Saipan….then called up for Korea. Went though the Chosin Resevoir – I went to one of his Chosin reunions in town.

    As he liked to remind me it was a Marine general who finally took over and led the soldiers & Marines out.

    That could have been a disaster

    There was an old Army Sgt at this meeting (in his uniform no less) and my neighbor said all Army who were there were invited to be members, too.

    The Frozin Chosin ….

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