Cutaway Thursday: Boeing 737-800



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4 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Boeing 737-800

  1. Andreas

    Correction: Item 153
    Slats are operated by 3 position hydraulic actuators:
    full retract/intemediate/full extend.
    I recall the same error being shown on the B737-400 diagram.

    • Andreas

      ‘Slats are operated by 3 position hydraulic actuators’
      >>> Syntax tidy-up:
      Each slat is operated by one dual-piston hydraulic actuator.
      Slat travel selections are-
      * Full travel retracted: slat is retracted and held against structural upstop pads located on wing l/edge;
      * Intermediate: determined by actuator stroke when hyd. fluid is ported to one piston only;
      * Full travel extended: extending the second piston of actutor completes the slat travel. Once fully extended, slat is held against mating structural stops located on guide tracks and in wing leading edge track cavities.

  2. Andreas

    And thanks for putting this up. Great resource for researching the B737NG ‘pickle fork’ cracking saga.

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