The “Lex” Lefon Challenge Coin

Attention all Lexicans:

The idea of producing a “Lex” LeFon commemorative challenge coin has been introduced and several people have expressed interest in purchasing one or more. We even have several people kicking around design ideas. This discussion has taken place deep down in another thread so some may have missed it. Colin Kimball has come up with this.

Since some don’t frequent Facebook, and with the recent news about the NSA that is all the more understandable. We wanted to get the word out;

Any ideas? Interest? Questions? Sarcastic remarks?


by | July 15, 2013 · 4:48 pm

18 responses to “The “Lex” Lefon Challenge Coin

  1. Sign me up, want two of these when y’all finalize this.

  2. H.C.

    Me too! I want one!!!

  3. Jeff the Bobcat

    I would definitely be interested. Is there anything on the back?

  4. Dave

    How much and when is all I can say? Another is, its about time and thumbs up to all involved in making this idea happen!!

  5. Bill Brandt

    Hopwe many do you need ordered to make it feasable?

  6. I’d buy one, mebbe more. I’d like to see the obverse, as well.

  7. I would be in for purchase of one (or more). This face of the coin is great;. tasteful and well done. Do you need a “kick starter” or something similar to fund the effort, or is the project ok without the kick-in?

  8. The discussion on Facebook has led to some changes in the design. When we get an image with the changes I will post both sides here. The idea was suggested after I posted the artwork for some coins I ordered for the up coming 25th anniversary of the charity run done in my cousin Chris’s memory. Those coins were $420 each for 100. Assuming we have enough interest to get more than 100 the price should be lower but definitely not more.

    I will keep you updated.

  9. Dirt McGirt

    $420 each? Did I read that right?

  10. Yes you read that right, but I typed it wrong. $4.20 each, $420 for 100. Sorry for the error. My coworkers were yelling at me to hurry up to go to lunch.

    • Paul L. Quandt

      Count me in. (Had to go to the reply for QM because the reply box after his comment wouldn’t let me reply.)


  11. Hogday

    Very nice.

  12. Dwas

    I’ll take one

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