Shakespeare’s Meet Up Hot Wash

We had a great time there last night, with Mary, Beth, her husband Armando, Padre Harvey and his bride Tamara, Dwight, and Patrick. I only got two pics to come out, but hopefully Beth can get the pics Mary took, and Patrick needs to forward a few. Dwight too, for that matter.


Shakes 2 Shakes

Much Guinness and a fair amount of Jameson (and the odd gin and tonic) and some fantastic stories from Mary. Lots of hugging, laughing, and just plain fun.

It was a hoot. I’ve been to quite a few blog inspired meet ups over the years, and it’s always amazing how you meet people for the first time, and you pick up your previous online conversations without a break. If you’ve never done one, you really should do so.

Padre Harvey kicked it off with a very nice invocation. He also said something that touched Mary. Pointing to the seemingly sparsely populated venue, he stressed that every seat there was filled, by you, dear Lexicans, in spirit.

And I’ll never hear the song “Roxanne” the same way again (inside joke).


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11 responses to “Shakespeare’s Meet Up Hot Wash

  1. Pointing to the seemingly sparsely populated venue, he stressed that every seat there was filled, by you, dear Lexicans, in spirit.

    True, dat. Thanks for the pics, XBrad… and… I sure wish I lived closer to Sandy Eggo.

  2. missbirdlegs

    What Buck said! I might’ve been there in spirit but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have as much fun as y’all did. Hope Mary is doing well.

  3. I have informed the WSO that when I visit her, Big Time and Little Bit out there in Cali, in the land of Lemoore, that we will be taking a road trip to Sandy Eggo. She said, “Dad, it’s like a 5 hour drive to Sandy Eggo.” I said, “So we’ll leave early, stay overnight.”

    She did this – “Sigh…”

    I am bound and determined to get there, this year. Those with an interest will be so informed with time to spare, I hope. But get there I shall, toast Lex I will.

    And hopefully meet up with all those brothers and sisters I know, but have not yet met.

    Thanks XBradTC. You folks all look GREAT!

    • SoCal Pir8

      Mary and I were talking last night and we noted that we’ve been having our get togethers every 4-6 months. Some informal, come if you can. Now there are 2 dates that seem to be cut in stone, a date in March and Lex’s birthday, Nov 9th. You may plan accordingly.

  4. Bill Brandt

    I want to get there too. For me it is only a 1,000 round trip (literally 500 miles from my onramp to Sea World Drive).

    Thanks for posting these

  5. Like Old Sarge, I too shall get there someday. In the meantime, I am always there in spirit. Though my sprit is a little parched, could use a wee dram ‘o Jameson.

    • Snake Eater

      Kris…for whatever reason I picture you as a box wine spritzer drinking type of Lex Babe…as for ” a wee dram ‘o Jameson” …or any amount of Jameson…
      … I’ll beleive it when pigs fly. ( ICSFTH) Best, Frank C.

    • Snake…in fact I prefer red wine. I also enjoy single malt scotch, bourbon (only Woodfords Reserve of course) and will kick back some Jack Daniels when the mood and company are just right. 🙂

  6. All I can do right now is cry…………………………………

  7. To all-
    As we sat in the near-empty tavern of Shakespeare’s, I could not help but feel the presence of all of you at the empty tables nearby. I wished for Mary to know not only that she was thought of, but that legions of supporters were close by – as near as the next table.

    Though there were only a few who could make this meeting, know that you were all present in spirit. I hope that one day fortune allows you to travel to Sandy Eggo and lift a pint with your own hands in honor of Lex, and perhaps meet his amazing bride, with whom he was gifted with nearly 30 years of matrimony. She is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and every inch Lex’s equal.

    • Amen!

      When I was out yonder in the way back year of 2010, I asked Lex where the Hobbit was. He said he asked if she would like to come to the meet up too, but he said that she said, “These are just the people from your blog?” FBL and I reacted identically and simultaneously in a humorous fashion.

      I wonder if she feels the same way these days. I hope not. I really wanted to meet her and was disappointed she didn’t make it.

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