Cutaway Thursday C-47\DC-3

Day of days.



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2 responses to “Cutaway Thursday C-47\DC-3

  1. Buck

    I actually flew in an active-duty USAF C-47 (and more than a few DC-3s, too). Yeah, I’m THAT old. 🙂

  2. Me, too. Flew in the Navy version from Meridian to P’Cola on my first trip to go land on a ship. Walked around the tail and was stunned to realize it wasn’t metal, it was cloth covered.
    Later, after I got my wings, had some time off and flew copilot with my father in a DC-3 on a travel club trip to Mexico. From a TA-4J to a DC-3 was a jolt to my system. Kept thinking there was something wrong with the dme, it turned over sooooo slow. Felt like a kid again, asking Dad: “Are we there yet?”

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