Dambusters – postscript

2 weeks ago I posted about the Dambusters 70th Anniversary commemorations broadcast live on the BBC which I thought was very well produced and staged by the RAF and BBC .

I’ve just found these recently posted extracts on You Tube. One is of the aforementioned BBC broadcast and the other is amateur  footage taken of events during that day. Some quite good shots, which may be of interest to our bloggers.




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6 responses to “Dambusters – postscript

  1. Bill Brandt

    As night was falling anf those Lancasters were lining up to take off, you have to know what was in each man’s head

    • Hogday

      I guess `doom` would have crossed my mind. To do it once must have been terrifying, twice would take a lot of `bottle`, at what point does the mind say `no, not this time`?

    • Bill Brandt

      I think – at least within the 8th AAF, there were a lot of self-inflicted wounds – just one’s normal tour – 25 Missions required – your chances were 1:3 of being killed or seriously wounded.

      In fact, during 1943 at one point, statistically your odds of living to the 25 missions were impossible. That is why the Memphis Belle crew were so celebrated.

      And then to take this mission – flying at 100′ – or lower – in Germany to blow up a dam – even more dangerous than your “typical” bombing run…I think 2 Lancasters were destroyed before getting there – hitting power lines.

      I don’t know how they did it. Resigning yourself to death?

  2. Snake Eater

    …they had little, if any, choice… a sobering slice of life at the very tip of the WWII spear. Best, Frank C.

  3. Dust

    As I understood it in the USAAF, all flight crews were volunteers and could quit flight status and many did but most pressed on and accepted their lot out of a sense of duty to their fellow crew members. Or there was always the low-crawl-thru-dogshit-option like we did Snake. Best-

  4. Snake Eater

    Dust, That was indeed the point behind my ‘little, if any, choice’ comment…they were volunteers…part of a crew…to bug out at this or any other point was unthinkable…Best, Frank C.
    PS, The low crawl option in my case worked out quite well.

    PS. I volunteered for the low crawl option…although in my case it was water buffalo

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