One Down…

Ding dong! One of the twitchy bitches is dead and the other is in custody.  My beloved city of Boston can sleep easy once again.

We listened to the action live thru a police scanner streaming online.  It was exciting and terrifying.  Thinking of the neighborhood being evacuated, the fear of the homeowner who called police about suspicious activity at their boat; and then learning that the murdering terrorist was hiding in their own backyard.  And had probably been in the neighborhood all day long.

The moment the scanner announced “Suspect in Custody” was some of the best words we’ve heard in a very long time.  Thankfully we went to bed before P.BO gave his speech; just don’t think we could have dealt with listening to him say “I” and “me” more than giving credit where it is due.

379959_620268484653661_766260184_nTo the LEOs of Boston, Watertown, Cambridge, the State Police and the FBI.  Those men & women likely didn’t get any rest or sleep from Monday afternoon until sometime today.  Tirelessly working to bring these monsters to justice.

And I find it very interesting that, once the suspect was in custody, he was given the best medical care possible – from the very people he and his brother killed, the first responders.

That’s what being American is all about.  An ideal that clearly escaped these terrorists.

Of course I am under no illusion that this is “over”; they didn’t act alone.  Someone was their puppetmaster who viewed them as expendable from the start.  These 2 had no escape plan; hell one of them was partying with his college friends 2 days after the bombing.  The plot is always thick; it will be interesting to see just how thick in the coming weeks.


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6 responses to “One Down…

  1. Bill Brandt

    Ltis – I get the feeling that had he been in your back yard he would have been full of holes.

    My mother and I had a discussion yesterday on these 2. She thought it particularly heinous tha they placed these bombs next to young children, knowing they would be blown to bits.

    I countered that why is that so much worse than placing a bomb next to anyone?

    But one thing it brought out – the importance of “situational awareness” – if someone brings a barge backpack or suitcase, leaving it, and walking away — that is a sign to get out of there and warn others

    Of course everyone’s focus was on the finish

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Well said Kris.

  3. Had a thought while all this was happening: In the midst of all the gun control stuff the libs have been trying to load us with, I wonder what the political leanings were of the several million people told to stay inside while the search for the armed and very dangerous continued. Think those confined in their homes might want to have a gun at hand? With more than 7 bullets?
    And then the ultimate cosmic joke: the surviving Islamic terrorist jerk is receiving the best of care in…Beth Israel Hospital.

    • Bill Brandt

      Busbob – I have been thinking about your question through the day and I think it is a good one. I believe a lot of the divide over gun control is due to a person’s view of self reliance.

      If one is expecting the group to catch the criminals (my favorite expression on this when seconds count, the police are only minutes away! – 😉

      So to answer your question I would say that the thought had come to a significant number of people but others were content to lock their doors and let the authorities handle things.

      At least that is my take…

    • Hogday

      Good point there Busbob. Definition of a reformed Islamic extremist?: `One who is surrounded and has run out of ammunition and explosives`.

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