50 Years Ago…

USS Thresher

At 0800 hours on the 9th of April, 1963, USS Thresher (SSN-593) got underway from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to begin initial post-overhaul dive trials in the Atlantic some 220 nautical miles east of Cape Cod.

She never returned.

129 men went down with Thresher in approximately 8,400 feet of water. 16 officers, 96 enlisted men and 17 civilian technicians. (A full list of those lost is

The company I work for was represented on board Thresher. With children in the Navy, friends who served in the Silent Service and working with people who support the Navy, this anniversary has a special poignancy for me.

I remember this event very well. I wasn’t quite ten years old when it happened. But growing up in New England as a young boy, not long after World War II and the Korean War, patriotism was much more wide-spread than it seems to be now. This was a major news item as I remember it. We were all saddened and shocked at the loss of Thresher.

Lest we forget…

vis tacita 2

Requiescant in Pace
Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead…


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3 responses to “50 Years Ago…

  1. orpheusword

    Your article leaves a reminder to those lost at sea doing their duty. Many died that day, but it is right we remember those who lost their lives that day. I am sure your words will be a reminder to the descendants of the USS Thresher.

  2. Bill Brandt

    I was 13 when it happened. And I thought just now that 1963 was a rather bad year for bad things happening.

    I remember first the news on TV that she was overdue -the feeling of dread – and finally eerie B & W grainy photos of her resting place.

  3. Hogday

    I was almost 11. Heard the news at school. My teacher was a former sailor on HMS Victorious (hit by kamikaze in 1945). I remember him telling us, like it was yesterday.

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