Sparyka Nation Wounded Warrior 5K Run

The runners waiting to start

The runners waiting to start

At the moment I’m in an NCO school at Ft Eustis, Virginia. On of my classmates found out that Spartyka Nation was running a benefit 5k run for the Wounded Warrior Project at Virginia Beach this weekend, and we decided to go. As it turns out one of our group had been assisted by the WWP, so there was a personal element to the trip. Virginia Beach, while a major tourist attraction, is no stranger to the military with a strong Naval presence at nearby Norfolk, Oceana and Little Creek as well as nearby Ft Eustis and Langley Air Force Base. With those kinds of neighbors, it’s not surprising there was a good turn out even though it was a little cool.

The runners waiting to start

The runners waiting to start

The run itself was an out and back along the boardwalk which made for a nice running surface. It was the typical gaggle at the start, but within a couple of minutes everyone was sorted out and running at whatever their comfortable pace was. It was a pleasant run, and a great way to get off post and get a little fresh air.

The group of us from class

The group of us from class

For information on similar events check out and


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3 responses to “Sparyka Nation Wounded Warrior 5K Run

  1. Bill Brandt

    The WWP is one group worthy of support. I can remember giving money to another group only to find that like many non-profits that start with good intentions, soon income was devoured by administration expenses”

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Nice post, nice photos Pogue. (Though seeing the Va Beach waterfront does make me home sick.)

  3. Hogday

    Nice one! These charities plug so many gaps, big gaps. My niece’s son is now on the shortlist ie within months, for one of the courses run by these people, who achieve fantastic resuts but the waiting lists are massive. Its been three years since he was hit by the ied in Af. and 2 years since he was invalided out of the Guards. That is a long time.
    Good to see your name up here again, Pogue.

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