The Daily Lex – March 24th

Originally published March 24, 2006.

First CQ


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4 responses to “The Daily Lex – March 24th

  1. Bill Brandt

    I would imagine to a Navy pilot this would be more memorable than the solo

  2. Still have the image in my mind, the first look at the Lex as a student in a flight of 4 T-2’s. The formation spread out a bit so we could each take a peek at the boat below.
    I took my eyes off lead for a microsecond and saw a wee tugboat below leaving a wake in the Gulf of Mexico. A second glance and I realized that tug was actually an aircraft carrier. The Lex.
    Oh yes. Heartbeat picked up considerable.

    • Bill Brandt

      Busbob – what always impresses me about you guys is that with that realization you also know that there is usually no alternate.

  3. Actually, most all of the time there is a suitable “Bingo” field available during initial quals, I’ll even bet it is a requirement. You are always acutely aware of what the heading/distance is to get there, and the magic bingo fuel quantity for your airplane. When you get to bingo fuel in the pattern you leave. Optimum altitude and a glide descent gets you to that terra firma just ahead of the low fuel warning light.
    “Blue water ops” changes the game. Usually too far to any field so the bingo fuel number is not something to worry about any more. Options are trap aboard the ship/find the tanker/go for a swim, in that preferred order.

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