The Daily Lex – March 20th

Originally published March 20th, 2010.

Long Day


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2 responses to “The Daily Lex – March 20th

  1. Bill Brandt

    You don’t stop flying a tail dragger until its tied down!

    It would have been fun asking Lex about the transition from an F18 to a Citabria.

    The few times I flew in San Diego – I was amazed at the traffic density.

    But then you had, lessee, Miramar, Montgomery, Gillespie, North Island, Lindberg, Brown Field just off the top of my head after 25 years and all within a 20 mile radius.

    Brown Field, an old Army Air Corp field, is right across the border from Mexico and the Tijuana airport. More than one landed at Tijuana thinking he was at Brown.

    Montgomery is right south of Miramar (was NAS) – and I can remember being downwind for a Montgomery runway, looking to my left and seeing an F14 downwind for Miramar. Same altitude, just abeam.

    I could see the pilot’s face.

  2. cg23sailor

    Well today’s Daily Lex was quite jarring to say the least.

    Enjoying the post, reading his words and wit again. Then our own FbL shows up to go riding with Lex. Lex links to her blog apparently to tell “in her own words” about her going flying with Lex.

    Not quite what the link… linked to.
    though I read it before (and never with a dry eye), it was not what I was expecting (or prepared for) to read. In one mood and frame of mind and then SLAM. It hits you.

    Not to mention the… what did Lex call it?… Cognitive Dissonance?… of Lex linking to his own memorial tribute.

    Gorramit, that dust storm must be kicking up again.

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