The Daily Lex – March 15th

Originally posted March 15th, 2006

Aluminum overcast


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2 responses to “The Daily Lex – March 15th

  1. Bill Brandt

    From what I have read of the F14 the Iranians, who can be the only ones who used it in sustained combat, loved it. The plane so terrified the Iraqis during the 1980 War that just the detection of the radar being turned on would cause the MiG pilots to scurry.

    During the 1st Gulf war, bemused Navy Tomcat pilots referred to their radar as “MiG Repellant”.

    One of the F14 stories – perhaps the incident prompting the Shah to ask Nixon to sell him some F14s, was the regular incursion of (I think) a Soviet MiG 25 over Iranian airspace – on reconnaissance.

    That MiG was fast and immune to Iranian countermeasures.

    Until the Tomcat.

    They so loved that plane that when the current group took over, they eventually had them re-engined by the Russians , due to our embargo.

    I know Lex couldn’t stand the plane but I have to think that it really wasn’t that bad.

    Or is the Hornet that much better?

  2. Steve

    “I’m man enough to admit that an F-14B or D with a LANTIRN pod and a couple of laser guided bombs could make a Hornet pilot’s most intensive labors look like child’s play in comparison.” – Lex

    And that’s just the air-to-ground! Yeah, I read about Tomcat pilots lamenting that they couldn’t paint targets without seeing them immediately turn and run. The F-15 may have gotten the victories and the headlines, but the F-14 was the one aircraft the gomers straight up refused to tangle with.

    Really wish we’d seen the introduction of a Super Tomcat.

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