The Daily Lex – March 12th

Originally published March 12th, 2008.



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6 responses to “The Daily Lex – March 12th

  1. Bill Brandt

    That is hilarious! BTW since I am late to know Lex did he have a thing against Tomcat pilots? 😉

    • Snake Eater

      …from my observations…he crapped on them as a group, in a good natured manner of course…whenever the opportunity presented itself… Best, Frank C.

  2. Around the ship there were, in my day, fighter pilots and attack pilots. There was ample respect for each other but plenty of disdain to go around for the lack of career guidance the other might have had in life.
    I tried to corner Lex on the topic, since the F-18 filled the air to air and air to mud role at the same time: Was he a fighter pilot or an attack pilot?
    He gracefully admitted he was…a strike pilot.

  3. Snake Eater

    …a stigma this ground pounder is at a loss to appreciate. Best, Frank C.

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