The Daily Lex – February 26th

Originally published February 26th, 2006.

One of those strange weekends


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6 responses to “The Daily Lex – February 26th

  1. Bill Brandt

    Lex’s story of being in – I assume – his dress whites (the site he linked to – even though a marine.mill address – I got a warning from my anti virus program – anyway – it reminds me of a story told by Grace Hopper at a little dinner with her (and 1,000 others) in Sandy Eggo in the early 80s.

    Grace was the Navy’s oldest Admiral still on active duty – lessee – born in 1906 – she had to have been 74 at the time.

    Anyway, here is this little old lady – not tall – in an Admiral’s uniform and she told us that people at hotels would think she was a bell hop.

    The places Lex mentions in Sandy Eggo – I miss it – 30 years later. Used to live in a little apt off Upas St – “right by the zoo” I’d like to tell people.

    Got my first computer job in Wichita KS – with Cessna – requiring a move.

    But Sundays visiting Navy ships on the Broadway pier, Ocean Beach, dives off Coronado Island – I miss it.

    Lex’s writing seemed to bring that out this morning.

    30+ years later.

  2. Buck

    One of those strange weekends

    And one of those strange comment threads, too. 🙂

    • Bill Brandt

      Buck – Lex’s remarking at the Pacific Beach restaurant that – seeing his dress whites (which I am sure looked impressive – but did he leave the BFK home?) – patrons were asking him if he was a cruise ship captain reminded me of Adm Hopper’s talk

      Then talk about the Aerospace Museum & Del Mar got me a bit melancholy for Sandy Eggo 😉

      Sometimes – I’m afraid I treat Lex’s posts as a Rorschach Test 😉

  3. virgil xenophon

    Yeah, Buck–wonder what ever happened to our gal “were-kitten?” She was long-gione by the time I started commenting in Feb, 2008. Sigh, life is dynamic–as we unfortunately know all too well with the Ides of March fast approaching..

  4. Um, yeah – interesting comment thread. Not that I know anything about it. It was all were-kitten’s fault.

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