The Daily Lex – February 25th

Originally published February 25th, 2004.



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3 responses to “The Daily Lex – February 25th

  1. SteveC

    There were many times over the years of reading Lex’s stories that I was rewarded with an early morning belly laugh. A lot of times I needed that laugh just at that time. This was another of those times when I read this great short tale. Thanks again, Lex, for this story which I know that i read many years ago, and thanks to all of you Lexicans for making each day a little bit more bearable just by being out there and sharing.

  2. virgil xenophon

    Thuis was one of Lex’s first posts that I ever read–and being a USAF guy I was intrigued. I didn’t comment at the time because–well–because as a newbie lurker I felt I was “not worthy.” Took me really till 2008 to begin commenting, tho of course kATRINA had a lot to do with that as we were re-building. left out, I feel, is the oft-made comment by many at Lex’s over the years that the main difference in attitude is that the AF types always ask; “Is it permitted?” while Navy types always say : “Is there anything that says we can’t?” LOTS of truth to that dictum–at least with my experience on the AF side. Yes the AF is the IBM of the services–all “corporate image” and standardization/”school solution.” You could tell when the Vietnam war was winding down when the USAF Big Kids started requiring STAN/EVAL check-rides in a combat zone, lol. NOTHING paints the USAF corporate bus-driver mentality better that!

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