An Afternoon Chasing U2s, Part Deux


As Promised – my little camera at the time could unfortunately take a 30 second video. We would trade off being the “lead” car – the driver, another pilot, calls out the distance from the rear main wheel to the ground helping the pilot…

They must wear out the right side tires in a hurry! They wait on the tarmac by the runway threshold, as soon as the plane crosses the numbers they floor it. By the time we are on the runway we are doing 60-70. By the time we are calling out the altitude – 200′ or so behind – we are doing 100-120.


by | February 20, 2013 · 5:19 am

3 responses to “An Afternoon Chasing U2s, Part Deux

  1. cg23sailor

    Awe… wait for it… Some!

  2. R

    The Dead Reckoning Blog just posted a great video of U2 Landings. Be sure to watch the last last thirty seconds.

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