Among The Joshua Trees

We’ve seen colorized portraits of popular and historical figures, but Webmaster Dave over at allows us to see history in an entirely new light with his ongoing submissions of large-format Kodachromes. Dave’s website generally focuses on extracting pictures from the online catalog of the Library of Congress and sharing them with a wide audience, but his personal effort to adjust the color and contrast of these archived transparencies has amplified their reality and even enlivened them.

On its own, the Library of Congress provides an insightful look at America’s rich history, but it is the images from the 1940’s (1940-1943, in particular) that seem to have piqued Dave’s interest. His gallery on Shorpy reveals countless photos from this wartime, many of which were captured by photographer Alfred T. Palmer on color reversal film, taken for the Office of War Information; an agency created to release war news, promote patriotism…

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  1. These are great!

    The term “colorized” tends to imply photos originally shot in B&W with color added later, but it looks like these were originally shot in color and the “colorization” process consisted of sharpening them up a little.

    Here’s an original from the Library of Congress collection:

    …compare with the enhanced version here:

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  3. Bill Brandt

    I think – the original color film – like technicolor – ave a “larger than life” look – one of the most interesting aviation books I have on WW2 is this

    You see the war in a completely different light

  4. Old AF Sarge

    Outstanding pics ORPO, thanks for sharing!

  5. Bill Brandt

    Have any you tried to imagine the plants as they were? When I lived in San Diego in the early 80s you could drive along the Pacfic Coast Highway – you would see a huge building that use to be Consolidated’s B-24 factory.

    Where LAX is was Mines Field – where P51s were made – there is supposed to be the remnants of an airfield where Ford made B24s

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