One Year

It’s coming, we all know it’s coming.  We dread it and we know it’s coming.

Time will pass, it is the one constant in every one of our lives.

iphoneIn just 26 days it will be one year since our Beloved Lex was taken from his family, his friends and the world.

As with his death – we The Lexicans (via FB) would like to celebrate his life with another virtual party on Wednesday March 6.

We will gather at FB (and here) at 8:00pm EST; we shall toast a great man with Guinness, Jameson, Woodfords Reserve or whatever type of libation suits you best.   We shall toast his family and honor them with our words.

We will honor Our Lex – as he remains, at least for me, a strong guidepost for a good, happy and well-lived life.

Join us – if you aren’t on FB…this is another plea to think about it.  Join 2 days before the party and leave the day after – tis no matter.  But if that isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll be here – perhaps a general post with a running stream of comments (though the pictures that will inevitably shared at FB make things far more fun).

The Lexicans – for strength in our memories.


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5 responses to “One Year

  1. SoCal Pir8

    I plan on being at Shakespeare’s. I’ll be there early so as to join all of you with the 5 pm EST toast.

  2. wlb50

    I will hav to get a bottle of Guinness. have to say I have developed a taste for Stout since reading this blog 😉

  3. Unfortunately I will be working…………………………

  4. Hogday

    Hope to hook up through the ether. Anyone at Shakespear’s with a laptop and Skype?

  5. I haven’t read Lex in… eight months? Been awfully busy, can’t carry everything, had to let some things go. Just read three posts and it’s like having an old scar traced with the offending nail. The wound stays closed but the flesh remembers the blow with fresh trembling. Just the same, I’d rather hurt than forget.

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