Among The Joshua Trees

This is a good one! Remember Folks, I do live in The Mojave Desert of California. I can pick on where I live all I want!

California For Beginners

Funny Ain’t It!

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  1. Old AF Sarge

    I’ve seen this around. It never gets old. Excellent post ORPO!

  2. Bill Brandt

    That is funny! Hate to say it but Hwy 99 though the Central Valley is mostly for driving though. My father in the late 50s – 60s – drove that corridor regularly. And with no a/c in the car on a 110 day, pretty miserable.

    Now one thing I remember your your area is drive years ago – about the time you think you are lost in the desert comes ‘California City” – I think it has grown quite a bit in the last 30 years but at the time it seemed like some developers big mistake.

    • I live in what was a planned community. It is now a bedroom community for Edwards AFB, The Borax Mine at Boron and a privately run correctional facility.

    • Buck

      …and a privately run correctional facility.

      That used to be Boron AFS. I was stationed there for a year, and aside from bein’ able to push my dirt bike outta my garage and be in open desert less than 30 seconds later, there ain’t much else to write home about. I suppose the Mojave is an acquired taste which I didn’t acquire. 🙂

      Like The OTHER Ol’ AF Sarge, I saw this elsewhere… and it’s pretty danged accurate.

  3. LT Rusty

    Hey, I’m at the “h” in “mostly something for driving through.” The first one, I mean, not the second and third.

    • Bill Brandt

      Well Lt Rusty – I live in a city that the llate columnist herb Cain said “doesn’t serve pheasant under glass – but pheasant under plastic!”

      Remember all the giant orange stands along the way?

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