An Appeal to My Fellow OFs*


Now I know that there are a few Lexicans who “Don’t do Facebook”. I get that. I really do.

However, there is much tomfoolery, youthful hijinks and “golly gee good times” to be had over on the Lexicans Facebook Page. Much of which would be “lost in translation” if we attempted to repost some of that here.

Amongst some of the topics covered lately are:
– Kilts
– Canadians
– Attractive Canadian Ladies
– Aircraft
– Puppies in kilts
– Links to interesting and informative articles (lots and lots of those)

Much of what gets posted is silly, but we get a lot of good old-fashioned interplay in the follow-on comments. Reminds me of some of the comments you’d have seen on the Mothership, especially when the Commentariat was in a particularly frisky mood and in full throat.

So this appeal is addressed to my fellow OFs. The ones who “don’t do Facebook”. Give it a try, at least the Lexican’s page. No need to do the other stuff. And it can be fun. Give it a shot, you’re missing some really funny stuff over there. What’s it gonna be?

*OF = Old F@rt (rhymes with “cart”)



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14 responses to “An Appeal to My Fellow OFs*

  1. DaveC

    Definitely not a curmudgeon (yet) and would like to hit up that facebook page, but cannot find a link — hint, hint! Little help for a Lexican in need?

  2. Bill Brandt

    I joined FB just for this group. I too am distrustful of their motives, but you can give an absolute minimum amount of personal information on your “page”. And you can set privacy settings on your page.

    I don’t “friend” people (does that make me an OFC?) “friending”, to me, is an invitation to get yet more spam from companies you may have only a modicum of interest.

    FB can be a time sponge if you let it – I just use it for the Lexicans (and have fun at that). And lately, a bit, for my car club.

    One thing I found truly amazing – the broad appeal of FB. Must be at least 100 Bill Brandt’s there, from all over the world. Do a search on “John Smiths” – I’ll bet many 1000s.

    OldAFSarge is right – the Lexican group is a hoot. People from Kuwait to…..

    BTW, on Curmudgeons, a guy published a curmudgeon’s guide – James Garner (the actor) found it hilarious. Some people mentioned curmudgeons…like they are a bad thing 😉

    It’s OK to let out your inner curmudgeon…

  3. DaveC et al,

    As long as I am working and my primary Email has .gov behind it, I will forego Facebook. There are just too many horror stories.
    For those who wish to take the plunge into the shark infested pool…
    First read this recent article about privacy settings

    Then check out the “bugs and known features” from Facebook

    In particular, read up on resetting password if you have lost/forgotten it.

    Best Regards

  4. Buck

    Now I know that there are a few Lexicans who “Don’t do Facebook”.

    That would be me, guilty as charged. I’ll take the appeal under advisement but I seriously doubt I’ll act on it.

  5. Old AF Sarge

    Instructions: You have to sign up for Facebook, it’s pretty simple. You can ignore most of the three steps, though you do need to fill out your birthday and provide an e-mail address. Note that you can also create a G-Mail e-mail account pretty easily. Once you’ve created your Facebook account send a friend request to Olaf Serge. He can hook you up.

    Who is Olaf Serge? Think about it, it will come to you.

  6. Got wwaaaay too many wanna be your friend things from outer space, and all the privacy statements make me pull on the reins and say “Whoa, big fella.” I am sad to miss the reverie of the group, have no doubt there is that on the site.
    Sad face.
    On the other hand, when sumtin good gets posted over here, the other side of the privacy fence, let ’em know to come look!

  7. LT Rusty

    I had my own kilt at one point. My ex-wife’s new(est) boyfriend enjoys it now.

    I grew up in Maine, and therefore know far too many Canadians.

    I’ve seen attractive Canadian ladies – yes, note the use of the plural – wearing my kilt and nothing more. There’s something wrong with Canadian ladies. I think it’s the cold weather and the maple syrup. Any road, I do not particularly wish to know more about any of them. There are reasons. Many reasons.

    As for the others … eh. Planes are cool, I guess, but not enough of a reason for me to join FB. You will not find, as a wise man once said, a greater hive of scum and villainy.

    • Bill Brandt

      Lt Rusty – the ultimate bad Canadian woman has to be Roseanne Arquette’s character in The Whole Nine Yards – the wife from hell!

  8. Old AF Sarge

    Ah well. I tried. Offer remains open in perpetuity, see instructions above.

    And LT Rusty, you say “hive of scum and villainy” like it’s a bad thing…

  9. The thing is – you can join FB and get your invite to the NepLex Page over there. It’s private, can’t get on it w/out the invite. Then you don’t ever have to publish anything on the public side of FB; you can exist just on the private side. Many of the Lexicans do that and it works just fine.
    Sarge – I’m trying to help a guy out. Doing my best.

    • Old AF Sarge

      Ah, you’ve described the privacy and exclusiveness of our little Facebook community quite well, fair Kris.

      But forsooth, I doth believe that these immovable, irascible gentlemen of advanced age will not deign to join our merry band on Ye Olde Facebook. No matter the enticements and pleas laid before them.

      For they are obviously lads of a suspicious nature and verily cannot be cajoled out of their medieval protected computing spaces to prance happily in the sunlit fields of the Neptunus Lex Facebook page with their fellow Lexicans. (That would be prancing in a manly way, for those with such concerns.)

      Ah, but I pity them fair Kris of New England, I pity them indeed. Though in truth, it is our loss that they choose to remain aloof from that overall den of inequity known as Facebook, rather than chance the simple joys of the Lexicans page. For their wisdom and deeds are legendary and I am saddened that their fierce countenances and sagaciousness will be absent from our counsel fires, but “it is what it is”.


  10. Much as I miss the camaraderie from the Lex group, Facebook isn’t private or secure, no matter what your settings. Disclosure: married to an ol’ chip designer who has kept his hand in on computer security/encryption, and former director of an IT area myself. We don’t do Facebook. Ever. *sigh*.

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