Among The Joshua Trees

Giving back and more…Meet MSGT Shayne Meder USAF (Ret)

From my other place.

Good pics of some really cool paint schemes here folks.

Bravo Zulu to the Retired Master Sergeant!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Buck

    MSgt Meder’s work is most excellent. And she’s a helluva lot better looking than most retired MSgts. 😉

  2. wlb50

    Truly a work of art – and for her to take a week on each helicopter – if she did charge I doubt most units would have it in the budget to pay her.

    What is the policy these days on painting “nose art” on fighters? I doubt if it is like WW2 where a pilot and/or crew chief just got to work.

    • There is room in the budgets for CAG birds to carry special paint.
      The AF does nothing on fighters that I am aware of. The place I work does not even allow pilot’s call signs on the aircraft.
      AFMC and AFTC is wound kind of tight sometimes.

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