The Daily Lex – December 27th

Originally published December 27th, 2006.

The road not taken – completed


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3 responses to “The Daily Lex – December 27th

  1. wlb50

    Man – I’ll have to say – I was a bit disappointed at the ending and expected Lex to say – in his best Dustin Hoffman voice, “Marie, Are you trying to seduce me?”

    I am embarrassed to say – me being at the time 20 years older than Lex at the time , was just as clueless in a similar setting.

    Am also a bit embarrassed to admit, as Lex described his car, that I’m thinking “hey, it had that famous Mopar slant 6 – and engine that was almost indestructible”

    But then reader, having read the second observation maybe you’ll understand the first.

    I am starting to think that by the time a man understands all of a woman’s nuances and unspoken communications, God says ‘Game Over”.

  2. Women are complex creatures but it also gives us the clarity to understand that men … are not. Bless you all. 🙂

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