What’s your favorite toy of the 60’s?

Well, my brother pointed me to one we didn’t have. We lusted after it, but somehow never added it to our stable of cool weapons.

Kurt Russell with Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas

Apparently this one didn’t last long on the market, as the sound levels were reputed to cause hearing loss…and ya might shoot yer eye out. Oh yeah, the kid with the Sonic Blaster? That’s who it says it is alright, when he was a youngin’.

How many of you remember back that far? 🙂


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5 responses to “What’s your favorite toy of the 60’s?

  1. wlb50

    I always wanted a go kart – and barring that a mini bike. Not the things that go 130 today but powered by a lawn mower engine. Closest I got was going into a partnership with a friend – somehow he got a hold of one of those lawn mower powered mini bikes, but it needed a clutch.

    I bought the clutch and thought I was a part owner.

    The inevitable fights started over who could use it – the friend became an ex friend and took the mini bike with him.

    Probably just as well.

    Seems to be the way of most partnerships, young and old.

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Awesome thing the Zero M Sonic Blaster. We never got one as kids. But now I know how Snake Plissken lost an eye.

  3. We had those… cept we called them zong guns… Never met Snake Plissken…

  4. Buck

    Ummm… MY favorite toy in the ’60s was an AN/FPS-6. 🙂

    We didn’t have spiffy Sonic Blasters in the ’50s. Just plain ol’ bb guns and the like.

  5. I was a bit of a space nut, so I’d have to go with the GI Joe Mercury capsule, with the Major Matt Mason stuff a very close second.

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