A pre-coffee rant over at my dusty ol’ blog about DOMA, West Point, and same-sex marriage

An article that set me off: Never mind that DOMA is federal law, nor that West Point is federal property, same-sex marriage is all about New York…

More dog wagging by the tail at a Federal institution, one whose history and reputation doesn’t deserve this.


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3 responses to “A pre-coffee rant over at my dusty ol’ blog about DOMA, West Point, and same-sex marriage

  1. Grumpy

    First of all, this has nothing to do with coffee. This has been something that has been stewing in the crockpot for a very long time. Therefore, do not blame the coffee, or the lack thereof about this issue. Before you know any concept is actually Federal Law, it must be tested in the Federal Court System. Yes, that means you have a specific situation that you believe is a violation of this law and you have all of the parties involved in that particular situation in Federal Court and have a trial with either a jury or a judge making the decision. During this trial, you will present evidence and precedent to prove your case. No precedent, then make it with overwhelming evidence and the power of argument. It is a lot easier said than done, but it can be done. Remember, the Court shall remain silent on an issue until a case is brought before it, put on the docket and go through the whole procedure. It can only speak to that case. The evidence must pass its own test. Each Jurisdiction has or subscribes to a certain set of “Rules of Evidence”, in certain situations, the “Rules” can actually trump the Federal Judge. This is the only way that it becomes “Established Law”.

    Therefore I say to you, “RANT ON, I mean, RIGHT ON!”

  2. What I said at your place Mongo. But I do like where Grumpy is going here as well!

  3. Harumph! Growf! What you said. Lay it on the table. Do you know that a florist who refuses to provide flowers for a gay wedding can be sued for discrimination even though the florist is a devout Catholic and believes marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman?
    Since when does political kowtowing trump religious belief? Can a gay couple sue any Muslims that refuse to come to their wedding? That would be good. Can a Muslim mosque refuse a gay who wants to become one with Allah’s faith? If they did, same should apply.
    The tidal wave of bs coming from OUR government is sickening.
    Rant on, Mongo! Tell it like it is!!

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