The 36 “Lost” Spitfires of Burma

There was a short piece on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme this morning, Wed 28th Nov, where the man who located the Spits was interviewed. You may be able to listen to it via this link. Go to `listen again` (you may need the BBC iPlayer download, you may not). Anyway, give it a go. The interview is a little after the 2hr 25 min mark which you can skip to. I hope it works for you:


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4 responses to “The 36 “Lost” Spitfires of Burma

  1. It appears the video/audio has moved on, but this link will take you to the interview with David Cundall: Search for missing Spitfires in Burma due to begin

    I’m hoping and wishing them the best of success with the search, as this has been a long time in coming about. If even a third are discovered and made flyable, imagine the scene with all of them gathered and taking to the air!

  2. Buck

    There were only four short clips at your link, Hogday, and the Spit clip wasn’t one of them. There was just a short thumbnail word-sketch at 0820 hrs. I don’t think us here in the USofA are “authorized.” 😉

  3. Bill Brandt

    I remember reading somewhere (probably here) that the almost inevitable fights between the financial backer and the fellow who has searched for these for so long – almost ruined the entire venture.

    I too am hoping and wishing them the best of success.

    It would be a bit like opening a time capsule!

    Imagine the excitement those searchers had to first descend the 200+’ of ice to see those P38s, entombed for so long

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