The Daily Lex – November 27th

Originally published November 27th, 2006.

Liberty call, liberty call


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9 responses to “The Daily Lex – November 27th

  1. Bill Brandt

    On the series Carrier This Marine squadron – on arriving at Hong King, decided to all get bright red leisure suits custom made. Their squadron was the Red Devils – VMFA-232

  2. Buck

    Heh. Hong Kong fer Squids, Bangkok fer Zoomies. In the ’70s. The Deity At Hand only knows how I survived…

  3. virgil xenophon

    I was dealing with the aftermath of Katrina so missed that post. Most of us AF types from DaNang circa 67-68 stayed at the ASTOR Hotel run by one V.C. Kahn (his real name, lol.) Guess what? He had a son who was attending my alma mater LSU then–showed me a picture of him standing in fron of Johnson Hall wearing an LSU sweatshirt! LOL. Jimmy’s Kitchen was a fave of us zoomies also–was a 2nd floor walk-up restaurant. Got our custon-made clothes made at Renele’s (still have several of the still in-style 2-button cashmere sport-coats and two 3 button shark-skin suits–but lapels now too narrow–but hey! 3 button style is back!)
    Got my Universal Geneva gold watch , my Cannon SLR with assorted lens, a Yashica Super-eight cam, and TEAC 6010-S Reel-to-reel (which I still use) and my German DUAL turn-table (which I also still use) all at the China Fleet store..

    I’m surprised no one mentioned eating on that floating Junk Restaurant (can’t recall name) in the Bay at Aberdeen–was a must do in my day. The tram up Victoria’s Peak was a must;, also a visit/tour to the Tiger Balm Gardens. HAD to go for at least one drink at the Peninsula Hotel on Repulse Bay just for the experience and to say one had been there–their bathrooms (of all things to notice, lol) were some of the most sumptuous I’ve EVER seen, btw. Seven days and six nights of hedonistic heaven! (And I won’t even mention the night-life “adventures” lol)

    • Buck

      About the bathrooms in The Peninsula: TSMP was literally speechless when she returned to our table the night we were there.

  4. virgil xenophon


    We used to fly over to Bankok for 2-day weekends from DaNang in an O-2 (Almost got hosed once when we strayed too close to Tchepone, lol) We used to stay either at the old Oriental or the then brand-new Siam Intercontinental. HAD to eat Kobe beef@ “Nick’s No, 1” and hit the iirc a night-club called The Abby (?) which featured a unique (for then) 5-story vertical open shaft with tables at each landing from whence one could look down on the lower landings, people climbing the winding stairs, etc. Bought a fire-opal princess-ring for my Mother there as well as a two 144-piece sets of bronze-ware for $64US/set, lol. (one for me and one as wedding-present) One could buy an entire fresh Pineapple at the little stand behind Don Muang airport pax/transiet hanger for 25 baht (then 5 cents us, lol)

    • Buck

      Three words: The Grace Hotel. But you ossifers prolly don’t know much about THAT. 😉

      I bought The Second Mrs. Pennington a fire opal there as well, along with a LOT of other jewelry. That was when she was My Intended and I was tryin’ to impress her. It worked. For a while. Twenty-three years, actually.

  5. Sigh. Miss the man. How many more stories did he have to tell?

  6. Not my AO, but I have good places and times in Europe that I can recommend. Also, to and from. St John’s in Newfoundland comes to mind. Lex’s ability to write made taudry places seem “exotic” instead, a sordid tale an adventure. I suspect this is one of those places where both would apply.


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