Video Military Air Tribute

Sorry if you’ve all seen this one, but it only just reached my in-box:



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7 responses to “Video Military Air Tribute

  1. Buck

    That was new to me, and thank you for it, Hogday. The aerial footage was brilliant, especially the all-too-brief Heritage Flight sequences.

    Apropos o’ not much… I watched with my sound muted. I’d have preferred to hear nothing but the sound o’ Merlins, big-ass radials, and jets, rather than a “soundtrack.” But that’s just me.

    • Bill Brandt

      Not just you Buck but all in all one of the better produced YouTube videos.

      I remember seeing one about Cobras – you are watching a bunch of Cobras start off with heavy throttles – to the sound of some “heavy metal” music (not the 427s through the side pipes)

    • Michael

      I hear ya buck on the music. I too would prefer the round sounds and merlin sounds. But, and it is a rather big one. That song is one of my favorites. As a psuedo aviation photographer, when at the airshows, this is one of the best set songs for the shows and it is well coreographed.

  2. tgmccoy

    Beautiful Hogday,beautiful. sent it to my old flyin’ buddies , My Boss,Retired USCG and my old Boss also USCG aircrew…
    always wanted to fly a Spit, btw….

  3. Bill Brandt

    Hogday – though the 50s I have admired each decade of pilots for different reasons

    WW1 – after basic rudimentary training you were given a plane where the odds of your not surviving were overwhelmingly in the house’s favor – in the first few months of flight. No parachutes until 1918 – you were given a pistol with the choice of shooting yourself or burning alive should you have problems.

    1920s – this is when commercial aviation was really born. If you want to see a little-known movie that beautifully depicts this try to rent/buy the Aviator with Christopher Reeve – (not the later one). Reeve was an avid pilot, and portrayed an airmail pilot who was taking a passenger for the first time – played by Rosanna Arquette. That his how the airliners were born – making the front compartment just a bit wider to carry 1-2 passengers with the mail.

    These guys flew in all kinds of weather – and what impressed me – to get out of the clouds in a hurry – they spun the plane. A lot of them never made their destinations.

    1930s – High performance aircraft were first coming – with the famous air races of the 30s – both here and the UK. In fact the Supermarine Spitfire had its genesis in the 1930s. The airframes weren’t quite the match for many of the engines – read about the Gee Bee – but performance was just starting. I think this is when high octane fuel came into being with tetraethyl lead.

    1940s – of all my mentioned decades I think this is the one I most admire. Take a kid who is 18-20 – give him some basic training in a Stearman and then T6 – give him some classroom instruction in something like an F4, Spitfire, P51 (virtually all were single seat) – strap him in and wish him good luck.

    A lot of students were killed transitioning to these – that had such massive torque (something our jets don’t have) – they were killed on takeoff or landing.

    To read of some of these guys in WW2 – as captains – commanding a B29 or Lancaster – with maybe 300 hours of flight time – my hat is off to that decade of pilots. .

    1950s – we were getting into real high performance – learning and with each advancement some had to die to get there. And I’ll include ejection seat technology –

  4. Hogday

    Hey, I’m glad some haven’t seen this. I agree re soundtracks – big engines need no audio `enhancements` cos its already music to my ears.

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