Happy Birthday, Marines


Bullet Sponges.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.

Call ’em what you will. Nonetheless, they have a birthday, tomorrow, falling between Hizzoner and Veteran’s Day.  Very appropriate, I’d say.  Not bad for an outfit that was quite literally founded in a tavern that doubled as a Masonic Lodge. 🙂

Semper  Fi.  That is all, carry on.


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6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Marines

  1. thcarr

    Happy Birthday Marines!

    Still get a charge that a guy from my old hometown and high school (a year behind me) is Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corp.

  2. Hogday

    Glad they left the goat and aprons in the Lodge!

  3. Bill Brandt

    Happy Birthday! My ex neighbor, a veteran of Tarawa and Saipan, used to take me to his association on their appointed day.

    A proud bunch and deservedly so.

  4. My #2 son has been in since 2004 fresh out of H.S. and loves the Corps. He is currently waiting on word on OCS. I am the proudest daddy in the world. He is truly a better man than I.

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