Lest We Forget


by | November 5, 2012 · 4:04 pm

9 responses to “Lest We Forget

  1. cg23sailor

    And as we speak, Our Commander in Chief is working tirelessly to Deny us that right.


  2. Bill Brandt

    And a right that was so costly to obtain and keep while treated so cheaply by some

  3. virgil xenophon

    Obama is right, revenge IS the best way to spend election day. GOT to get “all hands” (see, ex-zoomie do Navy-speak 🙂 ) out to exact our pound of flesh from one of the most loathsome creatures ever to inhabit 1600 Penn Ave. Save the Ship of State! Lawrence’s “Don’t Give Up the Ship!” and Nelson’s “England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty!” apply in spades to our current situation. I have never been so emotional about and election since the 68 election when Nixon finally won in the wee hours after I went to bed exhausted having just arrived direct from DaNang. I awoke to find Nixon had won and thought “The Republic is Saved!” I again echoed the same sentiments out loud when Bush defeated Gore. Ours is a sisyphean task, so it’s “once more into the breach” time. See “all y’all” on the other side..

  4. cg23sailor

    And no lollygagging about in doing so. I voted the second day of early voting (and that was only cause I was unable to the first day).

    I voted for HOPE (that we can get our country back) and CHANGE(of Presidents)

  5. VOTED! And while waiting for an oil change in my car after voting, I heard on the local news complaints like the ones mentioned in the image above. That they had to WAIT to vote.
    It sickened me; and disgusted me as well.

  6. cg23sailor

    And already it’s started. Multiple complaints out of Colorado that miscalibrated touch screens are registering votes for Romney as votes for Obama.

    They’re (expletive deleted) stealing the election!

  7. cg23sailor

    And the black panthers are at it again. And Republican election monitors are getting turned away in predominantly Democratic districts.

  8. Buck

    It was all for naught. What a sad, sad day for our country.

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