The Daily Lex – October 31st

Our ghost story

Today’s Daily Lex doesn’t follow the usual ‘corresponding date’ pattern – I’ve been saving this one for today. Happy Halloween, and enjoy!

Originally published March 28, 2004.



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4 responses to “The Daily Lex – October 31st

  1. My wife and I had some really good friends that owned a house on the north side of Indianapolis. Nice older neighborhood; we liked it enough we bought our first house in the same neighborhood three streets over.
    Our friends had bought the house from an estate. The realtor had let them know that there had been a suicide on the premises – a woman had hung herself in the garage.
    The family themselves, nor my wife and I, never noticed anything odd about the house or the garage itself at all. No odd feeling, no odor, nothing. But our friend’s dog would refuse to go into the garage. It was a beagle, and he would ‘dig in’ his paws and stand at the entry into the garage and growl.
    We decided to bring over our dog at the time, a female Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix to see what her reaction would be. Exact same thing – when it came to the garage, she refused to enter, growled, so on and so forth.

    All I know is I’ve always heard that animals are more sensitive to ‘things’ that we are unaware of.

    I guess so….

  2. Bill Brandt

    Those closest ghost story I can offer is staying at Nevada’s oldest hotel – the Gold Hill Hotel – right outside Virginia City. To go on here will take you back 150 years. Anyway I stayed in what was supposed to be the :
    “haunted” room but alas, had no visitors during my stay. I might have scared them off.

    I know exactly the kind of house in VA Lex talked about. The state is full of them. I had a cousin in Middleburg, lived in a home built in the late 1700s. Because of its stone construction, she couldn’t even install modern heating and air conditioning.

    Each room had a portable electric heater – and a fireplace.

  3. Jeff the Bobcat

    Growing up we lived next to a cemetery. One Friday or Saturday 3 of my cousins were spending the night. We were all about 12 or 13 and had decided to watch the movie Halloween. Now our living room was right next to my Mom & Dad’s bedroom and my Dad had told us we shouldn’t watch that movie since we were next door to the cemetery. Well, we persisted in our intentions so he said “OK have it your way, but I warned you….” and then closed their bedroom door and went to bed.

    Fast forward an hour or so into the scarier parts of the movie, when suddenly a figure leapt out of the hallway from the backdoor which faces the cemetery. My cousins and I were nearly scared to death. We were being a little too loud so Dad had snuck out of the sliding glass door in their bedroom and came in the conveniently unlocked backdoor. We still laugh about it at family gatherings. The movie Halloween scares the crap out of me to this day.

    • The original ‘Halloween’ is still the best of the ‘slasher’ movies, for my money. It’s the only one of that genre I actually own – a classic.

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