Highly Unusual

The Navy has pulled an admiral from the command seat.

Verrry interesting, but no relevant info beyond the words “inappropriate leadership judgement.” One wonders about how such an event develops, and who it is that looks at the information available and decides it is time for a change of command temporary reassignment at this level.
Any of our august group have more for us to digest? Maybe it’s just about the strawberries…



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5 responses to “Highly Unusual

  1. Daryle LaMonica

    “Maybe it’s just about the strawberries…”

    I’ve been thinking about that movie since Friday morning. Early on Friday the whole office received an email asking you to call Jane Doe if you took the two big bowls of pasta that had been in the fridge. It turns out that one department had had a luncheon and there were large quantities of leftovers which disappeared from the fridge. Not really a big deal until someone found one of the empty bowls in the ladies room. I was thinking we had a bulimic on staff. Then they found the pasta transferred into another bowl and hidden in the freeze. Hilarity abounds. It was a quiet Friday so all anyone talked about was the missing food, who took it, and how to find out for sure. ME, I was thinking about Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg and his missing strawberries. Would you believe no one knew what I was talking about?

  2. LOL. Somehow palm trees comes to mind. Dunno why, but…

  3. Grumpy

    Mongo, you write, “LOL. Somehow palm trees comes to mind. Dunno why, but…” The phrase “palm trees”, comes to your mind. I find a different phrase comes to my mind, “face palm”, multiple times. There is just one problem, we have some people who make this impossible. They have other issues that make this really difficult. To put it politely, it sounds like somebody has some “criminal – rectal issues”. One word makes this concept precise, “stuck”.

  4. cg23sailor


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