Say What?

The current occupant of the White House was rather flippant, I thought, when Governor Romney mentioned the shrinking size of the Navy. I was somewhat flabbergasted. Especially as I see that Progressive Elements are somehow seeing this as a brilliant dig at Romney. I certainly was left with a very distinct image of the Obummer. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are three.



The Incumbent



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11 responses to “Say What?

  1. Busbob

    How dare you sir! Brash, rash, impulsive.

    And demeaning to the horse’s posterior. Have you no standards?

    In my humble but currently fed up opinion, the true answer lies out of the picture, on the ground.

    • Grumpy

      Busbob, you write in your last portion the following, “in my humble but currently that up opinion, the true answer lies out of pressure, on the ground.” I am thoroughly disgusted with both individuals. These two men come from the realm of the clueless. I am well into my 60s and have voted every year since I was 21. I personally believe that any candidate for office, especially President of the US, should never make a dime for any action started while he was in office. This is true from day one from the birth of this Nation, retroactively.

    • Old AF Sarge

      Busbob – you are correct. And I apologize to the south end of north bound horses everywhere. As for the true answer? Yeah, I think you nailed it!

  2. Bill Brandt

    In that comment of his he sounded condescending – as if he were lecturing a small child. The political air sure reminds me of 1980. Hoping for the same outcome.
    BTW AFAIK the bayonet is still standard issue among Marines and Army – shows how little he really iknows of the forces he commands.;

  3. pdxjim

    As has been noted elsewhere today, when we first went into AFG, our special operators rode horses to the point of horrible saddle sores, but they got the job done. There was a very good book written about their exploits. Also I think our people still use, is it Kbar knives?? Guess the 20 somethings that our present CINC has for advisors are out of the loop, among other things.

  4. Bill Brandt

    pdxjim – the Marines – and KBAR knives – are pretty much intertwined 😉

    I remember seeing those pictures of the bearded Special Forces on those horses

  5. JAS

    While we’re at it, the armed services currently buys more equines (especially mules) than they have since the days of WWII, from what I’ve read. I’ve got acquaintances who have switched over to breeding mules instead of horses.because of the DoD’s need for those long-earred critters in Afghanistan and other places in that region.

    • Old AF Sarge

      Now that Sir, was an excellent read. When my son’s last ship was commissioned, I was in attendance and John Lehman was the main speaker. The man was brilliant and he seems to understand what it takes to build the Navy back up again. Thanks HD!

    • Bill Brandt

      That is a good read. This whole thing reminds me of Reagan-Carter although i don’t know that I would compare Romney to Reagan exactly.

      I am wondering too with our shrinking Navy how many ships/subs are required to support a carrier?

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