Couple Fries Short of A Happy Meal

Sodium chloride, chemical symbol NaCl.

Fellow Lexican, NaCly Dog.

Another name for sodium chloride, salt.

NaCly Dog = Salty Dog.

The light comes on at Chez Sarge.

I can’t believe I couldn’t figure that one out. Thank you, Buck in Portales.

Old AF Sarge’s elevator now runs all the way to the top.

Well, no one has ever accused me of being clever…

Or innovative…



Need I continue?


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11 responses to “Couple Fries Short of A Happy Meal

  1. Paul L. Quandt

    Old AF Sarge:

    Don’t feel bad, it took years for the light to go on for me also.


  2. ron snyder

    It took this old USAF Sgt a while before it clicked. 🙂

  3. Bill Brandt

    And put me at the end of the “clueless” line!

  4. NaCly Dog

    Wasn’t meaning to be this cryptic, y’all. Just a former SWO JO that returned to synthetic organometallic chemistry after the Soviets folded and crushed my career progression.

    I’m honored to even be in the same room as naval aviators and other pilots. Watching the landing cycle on USS America from planeguard station was humbling. Jittery blurs of red lights roaring down to stop in a heartbeat.

    That respect includes helo pilots. Good sticks, one and all.

    Nose (the CAG and noted Lex poster) told me he would do S turns to see if we could keep up. I noticed! “OOD – America OOD: INT Corpen and Speed?” Built character, target angle analysis and mo board skills, it did.

    • Bill Brandt

      NaCly Dog – I too am awed by the company here. I think anyone who gets through military flight school is some kind of pilot. Since I seem to have to be hit on the head repeatedly to finally grasp concepts… I am sure I would have washed out. Perhaps – with my own flying stories – all 200 hours of them – are a bit foolish to put before this group!

      Quite a group that Lex assembled.

      Military pilots, test pilots, at least one Special Forces officer, (I will now resume my place at the back of the bus 😉 )

  5. LT Rusty

    Hm. The joke is pretty apparent to sailors, I guess …

    Of course, y’all’re air force, so don’t sweat it. 😀

  6. Busbob

    Thank you, I no longer feel alone and slow of mental process.
    Spent a few minutes every time I looked at Lex’s blog and the replies therein, mumbling to myself…Nay Cly Dog…does the Cly rhyme with sky…Nay, what’s with Nay, maybe it’s Nah Cly Dog. Sounds Vietnamese, maybe that’s it. Or maybe the C is like an S, Nasaly Dog, how did he get a nickname like that? How does a dog with a cold sound? Murk murk? Is that the link?
    Finally one day–it took a year, I’m sure–one glance and the brain said Salty Dog. How obvious.
    Musta been the brain cells that survived the cheap drinks in the Cubi O Club that figgered it out. They are few and the tasks are many.

  7. Oh geez. Here i sit another former SWO JO (nuclear trained at that) and I didn’t get it either. I blame the proximity of the “Cl” to the “y”. Or something.

  8. Old AF Sarge

    Nice to see the response this post generated. Clever I’m not. Master of the inane, I am.

    SWOs, grunts, gyrenes, Airmen, NFOs and Nasal Radiators, all living in harmony. What a lovely place this is…

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

    I’d have mentioned the Silent Service, but they’re, you know, “silent”.

  9. Daryle LaMonica

    For the longest time i thought it was Nay Klee Dog. It too me forever for the light to come on.

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