The Wheel of Time

One the center columns in the mythos of the United States Marine Corps, a rock upon which the legend has been built, are the horrifyingly brutal battles fought starting over 70 years ago, between Marines and land elements of the military of Japan on numerous islands that dotted the Pacific Ocean.  No quarter asked, nor any given.  Brutality of the basest order and the Reaper worked with efficiency.  The defensive strategies and tactics, with their attendant fortifications made the butcher’s bill paid by the Marines, and by the Japanese, the stuff of legend.  His Imperial Majesty’s troops were infamous for their ability to dig in, deep, and make an invading force pay a massive price for every meter of ground they took.

Now, their swords turned forcibly into plowshares and cars for perhaps a bit too long, they turn to their legendary opponents for lessons we learned from them: U.S., Japan Train for Island Defense

[“And where,”  you ask, Good Reader, “the $%^& have you been Comjam?!?” Obligations elsewhere have kept me away too long.  More are to come, but in the interval I have a couple of things I’ve been working on.]



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7 responses to “The Wheel of Time

  1. The Japanese may have to do Carrier, too. but i will bet they can build one and operate one faster and better than the Chicoms…

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Good to see you back Comjam! Always appreciate your posts. As to the war in the Pacific, I’m glad the Japanese are on our side now. Tough fighters!

  3. LT Rusty

    … and here I thought this was going to be about how The Wheel of Time series of books is finally going to be wrapping up shortly, after 20+ years …

  4. Bill Brandt

    I had a neighbor I’ll bet all of you would have liked – veteran of Tarawa, Saipan and then the Chosin Reservoir. When we had a beer, some of the stories he told….

    Point is I am glad the Japanese are on our side now.

    Am I alone in thinking – between the Mideast and Asia – the world is ready to blow up?

    I think too the Japanese, if they want. will build a carrier far better than the Chicoms – maybe with some innovations that will interest us.

    I am wondering if if the <balloon goes up will we be ready – our caught flat-footed?

    • Old AF Sarge

      Bill, you’re not alone in thinking that the world is ready to blow up. We’re sitting on a powder keg and the idjits in DC are playing with matches.

  5. I have friends in the sort of business that if you don’t see them for months you tend not to ask. When they return they often have a deep sun tan – still don’t ask. In time they usually let me know 😉 Welcome back.

  6. NaCly Dog

    Welcome back, Comjam. I enjoy your analytical prose. Japan is heading away from China as fast as they can move factories. Their Navy is first rate, and they have a good Air Force as a force multiplier.
    If there is any action before January 20th the Japanese will not be able to count on the USN as a firm ally.

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