The Long War

Overwatch in Afghanistan

By some accounts, the Vietnam War began for the U.S. on 1 November, 1955. It ended with the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. 20 years and six months exactly. A very long war.

Now we are engaged in a new long war. A war which could result in the destruction of our civilization and the loss of all we hold dear. For that is what’s at stake. Make no mistake about that.

I personally consider this war to have begun on 23 October 1983, with the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Now it is September of 2012. Nearly 29 years later. The Long War continues.

This new Long War has been ongoing, with many fits and starts. I think we, in the West, don’t see it this way. We have seen what seem to be disparate events, which don’t seem to make up part of any whole. Perhaps this is the fault of the Main Stream Media (MSM) with their concentration on the here and now. Perhaps it is our own fault. Many of us only pay attention to events which impact us directly. Otherwise it’s just something on the news. To be replaced by a different story tomorrow.

Unless it’s an event like 9/11. That was so big as to get everyone’s attention. All of us felt like this was an event which had impacted us directly. This was not, to many people, “just another news story”. Many of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the events of 9/11 unfolded. Some have likened this to an earlier generation’s memories of Pearl Harbor.

Unlike an earlier generation, many of our generation have gotten on with life. It’s only a very few who serve in Harm’s Way. There is no mobilization of the Nation to support our troops. Life for most of us goes on much as it did before the Twin Towers came down, before the Pentagon was hit, before United Airlines Flight 93 slammed into a field in Pennsylvania. Yes, for some, life goes on as if that day never happened.

But the attacks continue. They’re not caused by an obscure video. They’re caused by a group of people who stopped progressing sometime during the Middle Ages. They’re caused by so-called religious leaders inciting uneducated young men with lots of time on their hands to kill themselves while taking the lives of as many “infidels” as possible. These attacks are caused by pure, unmitigated evil. This enemy wants to kill us. This enemy celebrates the deaths of Americans. This enemy deserves no pity. This enemy must be destroyed.

And at this critical moment in American history, no even more, at this critical moment in the history of Western Civilization, what do we have leading this great nation? A group of unqualified, inept, inefficient self-serving idiots. Community organizers and others of that ilk.

The leader of this pack of fools, our President, travels the globe apologizing for us. Apologizing for what? Apologizing for our service men and women spilling the blood which has soaked the ground of places from Normandy to Khe Sanh? From Iwo Jima to Fallujah? What the hell do we have to apologize for?

I am sick of it. Sick to my stomach.

We are approaching a critical point in this coming election. Will this be a turning point, where we return to the ideals and hard work with which our forefathers built this great nation? Or will we continue as we have, take the hand-outs, the freebies and the “bread and circuses”? In my book, that way leads to a descent into a new darkness.

The enemy is at the gates. This new wave of barbarians will overwhelm us unless we make some changes and make them soon.

Where is the outrage? Where is the disgust with the direction we seem to be taking? WHERE ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN WILLING TO TAKE A STAND?

Where will YOU stand this November?


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17 responses to “The Long War

  1. Agreed Sarge Take a Stand. I was never military, but I read history.
    I had a Great Uncle Killed at Belleau Wood.
    “Come on you bastards, you want to live forever.!” That is one quote I
    remember from reading how the American Marines started fighting back.
    We need to do that now -by the voting booth…
    This war will not end with our weakness..

  2. homefrontsix

    I’d posit that this war began with the taking of American hostages in 1979 or even possibly the Munich massacre in 1972. Or we could go back further…this is a scourge that has been around for a very long time.

    • Agreed, HF6. In spades.

    • Daryle LaMonica

      I also tend to think of the “Hostage Crisis” as the beginning. Interestingly, at least to me, when I tell people that I think GW Bush was the best President we’ve had in 30 or 40 years I get rolled eyes, sneers and giggles. No one ever asks my why I have such a contrarian view. For me, the fact is that we’ve been at war since 11/4/79 and he’s the first President to fight back. He may not have fought back well. He made mistakes. I didn’t like his spending policies or some of his other domestic policies. But he fought back. That was enough for me.

    • Old AF Sarge

      HF6, you are absolutely right. It did start for us with the hostages in Iran. At least that’s the first overt attack on US citizens of this nature. As for Munich, that’s part of the war Israel has been fighting since 1948. Same enemy as we face now. Same war for that matter, we just got involved later. IMHO we should have been consistently assisting the Israelis in that fight since day one.

      I should know better than to be somewhat loose with my facts with this crowd. As informed and as erudite as ever.

      Proud to be called a “Lexican”.

    • Bill Brandt

      Daryle – history is a good leveler. During Harry Truman’s time he was despised – well, not universally – 😉 – but by many. But in retrospect he has became very respected – the President who laid the groundwork for containing the Soviet Union – Korea? – well, the jury is mixed over that.

      If MacArthur had had his way? Who can say – but the President is the C in C.

      Good or bad.

  3. Hogday

    AFSarge, today you finally get to deal with Abu Hamza because its extradition time at last. I’m sure you’ll treat him correctly. I believe he has a Halal diet.

  4. Old AF Sarge

    HD, I read in the article at that link you provided: “On Monday, a European Court of Human Rights ruling paved the way for the radical cleric to be extradited to the US after an eight-year battle.”

    The “European Court of Human Rights”? How much does the UK subscribe to the antics of the Eurocrats?

    As far as the Halal diet goes, we promise not to grease our cartridges with pig’s fat. Not that we’d actually shoot the b@st@rd or anything like that.

    • Hogday

      Aha, the old Indian Mutiny trick! Actually what happened was they were sent smokey bacon flavoured potato crisps (chips to you) and it all went doo-lally from there. This was hushed up to protect future exports of said product, now a pub favourite.

      As for the Eu court of sub-human rights – don’t get me started. Considering we were one of the main draftees of the charter after WW2, it seems we then allowed it to get hi-jacked. Don’t get me started (I already said that)

    • Old AF Sarge

      Hhhmm, I had thought that the great Smokey Bacon Flavoured Potato Crisps Crisis of 1857 was still covered by the Official Secrets Act. Or perhaps I’ve just read one “Flashman” novel too many.

    • Hogday

      Oh Shit. Bang goes our last chance to drag ourselves out of recession.

  5. Busbob

    I’m going to stand in front of the line on the first day of voting in November, and I’ll be voting for someone who understands how this nation works.
    And I’ll be voting against the present liar-in-chief, who has hoodwinked my country in every way. God help the U.S.A if he gets a second term. We’re doomed if that happens.

  6. Mannanj

    Come on guys, vote for the apologizer in chief and we’ll all throw dandelions and sing kumbye ya and all will be fine. NOT!
    As a friend told me in the 80’s, they all worship allah don’t they?—-Then turn the desert to glass and send ’em all to allah! Be done with it. It will eventually come to that anyway.

  7. I too am in the camp that believes it started with the hostage crisis in 1979 – at the hands of a Democrat president, I might add. Perhaps it goes a couple of years further back but in the public mind – 1979 should be the date. And like Daryle, I also agree that GW Bush will be seen thru the lens of history as one of our better presidents. He DID fight back, when so many would have had him sit idle and “see what happens”. He took the fight to them for the first time – and for that time I considered us safe.
    I don’t consider us safe anymore and I haven’t since the day Obama took office in 2009. And certainly the events of the past weeks – “bumps in the road” according to our “eye candy president” – prove that we are most certainly not safe.
    It’s all well-said Sarge. I am angry too and plan to use my valuable vote in November to try my best to throw the bum out of office. I may have to hobble there on crutches or a cane but by God I will be there.

    • Old AF Sarge

      I’m a big fan of Dubya. Thought he had his act together, he took the fight to the enemy. And Kris, no need to hobble on crutches to the polls, I’m sure there’s many a Lexican who’d volunteer to carry you there. I’m one!

  8. Bill Brandt

    Is it November yet? 😉 – Here we have Iraq, whom the President decided to vacate completely – not knowing nature – and politics – abhor a vacuum – Iran moving in –

    Egypt being taken over by the same people who killed Anwar Sadat – the leader who gave a generation of peace to Egypt – with this new leader proclaiming that his country is “somewhere between ally and enemy to us (as long as we keep sending them money I suppose) –

    Iran on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon – destabilizing the Middle East even more (think the Gulf States want this?) – and our President has no time to visit leaders – but does have time to appear on Letterman and The View.

    Trying to build a coalition of the most ignorant people – and the “butter and cheese” crowd – as a friend likes to call them – people for whom as long as they are “getting something” the country be damned –

    These are strange and dangerous times we live in.

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