Two Little, Too Late

Two Navy guided missile destroyers are being deployed off the coast of Libya, after attacks Tuesday on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador, military officials told Fox News.

Seems a Marine FAST team is in the area now, as well. For to do what, one has to wonder. While it seems unlikely anyone would send over a B-2 to leave behind a pair, or two, of special weapons over this, back in a day not so long departed retribution for a bombed night club showed itself in the form of Operation El Dorado Canyon. As far as military operations go, it weren’t that much of a deal, except for that ginormously long ride for the Zoomie Crew in their uber fabulous Aardvarks. Forth and back AROUND France and Spain (the latter as a matter of forced coincidence) with no place to stop and defuel one’s bladder; yer Humble Scribe woulda been grateful for a relief tube or a piddle pack or two. Ah, but I digress.

The forces called into play:

Target Planned Actual
Aircraft Bombing Aircraft Hit Miss
Bab al-Azizia barracks 9× F-111F 36× GBU-10 2,000 lb (910 kg) LGB 3× bombed
1× missed
4× aborts
1× lost
13 3
Murat Sidi Bilal camp 3× F-111F 12× GBU-10 2,000 lb LGB all bombed 12
Tripoli airfield
(fmr. Wheelus Air Base)
6× F-111F 72× Mk 82 500 lb (230 kg) RDB 5× bombed
1× abort
Jamahiriyah (Benghazi) barracks 7× A-6E 84× Mk 82 500 lb RDB 6× bombed
1× abort on deck
70 2
Benina airfield 8× A-6E 72× Mk 20 500 lb CBU
24× Mk 82 500 lb RDB
6× bombed
2× aborts
60× Mk 20
12× Mk 82
Air defense
Tripoli 6× A-7E Shrike
16× HARM
all aircraft fired 8× Shrike
16× HARM
Benghazi 6× F/A-18 4× Shrike
20× HARM
all aircraft fired 4× Shrike
20× HARM
Totals 45 aircraft 300 bombs
48 missiles
35 bombed
1 missed
1 lost
8 aborts
227 hits
5 misses
48 homing missiles

All that and more for a night club we didn’t even own, the cause being there were American Service men and women in the night club. America took offense at the attack on our kin, and none more so than our then-President, Ronald Reagan. Three Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups and 18 of the aforementioned uber fabulous Aardvarks later, all was not well in Libya. “Take a poke at us, and we’ll bust yer beak” was the message, and Libya got it. Muammar Gaddafi went dark, and the world was seldom troubled by hearing his voice again for more than two decades.

That was then, in a day of REAL national leadership.

Today, we mourn the loss of an American Ambassador and three of his team. We ponder, querulously, the attack on not just one, but now three Embassies. For those who missed this morning’s America’s Newsroom, sorry to be the bearer of more bad news. We now have a third Embassy under attack in Yemen. Clearly not a coincidence. Clearly not a matter of happenstance. Clearly, a matter of blown intelligence. Or was it? Clearly, coordinated events not being responded to in adequate fashion…as yet. Clearly, Americans have no hope of there being an adequate response.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of bashing the current National Command Authority. Frankly, it needs to be changed out for leadership focused on protecting American interests. Frankly, that the current National Command Authority has not responded in a more forceful manner is, in the opinion of yer humble scribe, outright treason. Traveling to New York to commiserate with certain of our enemies, as well as some limpity DJ, is not the response we seek. As a nation, we seem to find ourselves in the days of Neville Chamberlain, wherein we hear proclamations of “All is well. Fret not”. As a nation, I pray we respond “Not so!” and give the author of such utterances his comeuppance.

The morning wears on, and I’ve not yet had my cup of tea. With apologies to Hogday, such is a travesty in and of itself. One does not start one’s day without a cup of tea, but these attacks gave me cause for exception.

I’m infuriated by what is transpiring, and feel near helpless to give more response than I have here.

Now on to that cup of tea…



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7 responses to “Two Little, Too Late

  1. Mike Myers from California

    Well now you might remember, or at least mention, that in happier times, Mr. Qaddafi got the whee scared out of him by certain military actions in Mesoptamia where it became convenient for the US to oust Saddam Hussein. Call him a Cowboy, but when Dubya was ticked off and thought that US interests had been harmed, he would, could and did somethng about it. I still recall the day of his pre Iraq invasion speech where one of my liberal friends exclaimed “He’s going to take us to war”. Well–yup.

    In any case the good Colonel took a look at what was happening several hundred miles to his east–and decided to be a good boy for the rest of his miserable life. He renounced his WMD projects, agreed to inspection etc.

    Thirtysix years ago, I had occasion to investigate certain “questionable payments” that had been made to extract my company’s regional manager from Libya. Qaddafi had risen to power in 1970 or so; shortly thereafter his machine gun bearing minions had burst into foreign company’s offices and “nationalized” them. They let most of the expatriate employees and families leave the country. But they held the managers of the various companies as essential hostages, refusing to grant them exit visas to leave. Well some fiddling was done with payments of $5,000 or so to lawyers and accountants (albeit not directly to the government goons) and magically an exit visa was procured. A few years later the Internal Revenue Service, in the wake of Watergate, was asking 500 US companies, my own included, to self report any “questionable payments”.

    We reported the payment. It looked unusual, but we didn’t know that any money had actually been paid to the government to get our man out. Faced with a do over of the situation, would we have made an “illegal” payment directly to a government official? In a goldanged New York minute! And we would have told the US government to go to hell if they didn’t like it.

    The incident did leave me with a permanent distaste for Qaddafi. I didn’t weep when we struck at Libya in the mid 1980’s (although I was in a Milan hotel waiting for a flight home when I heard the news on CNN–along with advice to not spend much time in airports that day).

    But Libyans of any persuasion can be dangerous when aroused. I didn’t lose any sleep over the fact that the Libyans made a “snuff video” of their execution of Qaddafi–first sodomoizing him while the tape was running. The apparent theory was that this would make him less desirable to the 74 virgins awaiting him in heaven. Not a nice way to go–but then Qaddafi deserved a bad ending.

  2. Mike Myers from California

    They do have a taste for that sort of stuff don’t they?

  3. Concur on the too little. Once upon a time (and not that long ago) we had battleships. Ships with 16 inch guns, 3 turrets of 3 guns each. 9 barrels capable of raining down death and destruction. Range in the neighborhood of 24 miles. Not to mention 12, count them, 12 five inch guns (the two destroyers bring 2 five inch guns to the fight). Toss in the capability of putting 32 Tomahawk missiles down range and you’re talking about some significant fire power.

    Sure the DDGs carry Tomahawks too. But the BBs also brought their own drones along to spot for those big guns.

    Back in the day, just the sight of one of those formidable grey ladies cruising off the coastline made lots of bad guys nervous. Unfortunately we don’t have them anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m not real sure what kind of naval gunfire we could lay down now-a-days. Heck to match just the 12 5-inchers of the BBs, you’d need 6 CGs or 12 DDGs.

    Post Gulf War and the collapse of the Soviet Union brought us the so-called “Peace Dividend”. Yeah, right.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

  4. Old AF Sarge, I recall reading on the ‘net lately that the last spare 16″ gun barrels are being auctioned off as scrap.

    Yes, I too am hoppin’ mad about this insult to us,and that the un-American loathesome criminal critter in the Oval Office is who he is.

  5. P.s. As a rather cold-blooded Aspie who loves his country and Western Civilization, I would be happy to assist in the slow death by impalement of those guys who violated our diplomats.

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